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Last updated: September 02, 2020

Medical Records Scanning Services for Converting Patient Charts to EMR Systems

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are bringing digitized patient information to healthcare professionals faster than ever, but there is still a challenge to get historical chart information to doctors. Converting patient charts to EMR Systems completes the connection between what the doctors need to make decisions, digitized information, and historical paper chart information. Southwest Solutions Group® offers Medical Records Scanning Services to scan historical paper charts so doctors have complete patient information in a digital format. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

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Converting Patient Charts to EMR Systems

If your medical staff is currently using an EMR System, we can help convert your paper patient charts into digital documents. Most medical facilities don’t have the time, knowledge, resources, or equipment to efficiently and accurately convert old paper charts because their current staff is too busy making sure their patients are properly cared for. Hiring temps to scan charts is risky and expensive when you factor in training, turnover and equipment. If you are trying to scan your records yourselves, it may end up taking years before all your charts are fully converted to digital records. In the long run you can end up spending way more money than intended with less than stellar results. So, are you really using your EMR System to its full capabilities if you haven’t converted patient charts that are still in paper format? With our Medical Records Scanning Services, you won’t have any of these issues and can truly use your EMR System.

Benefits of Our Medical Records Scanning Services

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  • We can quickly scan millions of medical records that will promptly be available for your staff to use.
  • We work on your schedule and within your specified budget so that you are in control.
  • With our Medical Records Scanning Services, you can free up space that was previously used to store paper records and put it to better use.
  • Because we know what we are doing and provide all the equipment, you don’t have to rely on untrained new hires or purchase expensive equipment.
  • Our Medical Records Scanning Services are completely HIPAA compliant.
  • We will provide storage for your paper records at our facility or come to your site at no extra cost to you.

By using our Medical Records Scanning Services, you and your staff can focus on what you do best: saving lives.

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Southwest Solutions Group has years of experience providing medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service to convert patient charts to EMR Systems. In fact, we will even let you try our Medical Records Scanning Services for free! We will scan a box of your charts at no charge and upload the documents to our secure viewer or your ftp site. You will be able to view the quality of our scanning services and understand how the charts are indexed. For more information on our Medical Scanning Services call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083.


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