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Last updated: April 07, 2017

LogiTag RFID Technology for Healthcare Inventory Management

LogiTag RFID technology revolutionizes inventory management of hospital supply rooms. Using LogiTag products, hospitals can automate restocking of medical supplies so hospital staff can focus on their patients.

LogiTag Smart Cabinet Medical Device Tracking System

stockbox-kanban-system-medical-supplies-inventory-managementThe LogiTag Smart Cabinet system was created exclusively for the healthcare industry to be an all-inclusive solution for real time inventory tracking and automated distribution of medications and medical supplies. The Smart Cabinet allows Cath labs, Interventional Radiology Labs, and Operation Rooms to optimize their inventory of expensive devices and products. The Smart Cabinet uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to collect, report, and manage usage and inventory data in real time.


The information is stored in the LogiPlatform, which is the central software system. This system lets material managers and hospital staff accurately manage inventory cost levels, expiration dates for items, and supply usage. The LogiPlatform will enable an increase in consigned item usage, which means lower cash flow and inventory costs for healthcare facilities and an increase in distribution efficiency and logistics for the manufacturers and distributors. Also, the LogiPlatform can interface with any ERP and WMS platform.

LogiTag StockBox Medical Supplies Inventory Card System

The Logitag StockBox is a cost-effective and easy way for material managers to automate the process of inventory management on existing card boxes and shelving in any storage or patient care area. The StockBox uses RFID cards placed in bins on shelves to keep track of medical inventory in real time. By using either the Kanban or PAR level approach for replenishment, the RFID cards communicate with the central supply room system to replenish specific items used by any department. The StockBox can be used in OR supply rooms, pharmacies, nursing supply rooms, or any other area where inventory management is necessary to reduce cost and increase product availability.

LogiTrack Real Time Location System

logitag-stockbox-hospital-medical-supply-room-real-time-inventory-trackingLogiTrack is a powerful Real-Time Location System (RTLS), Active-RFID platform that includes a broad set of tracking, tracing and monitoring applications. A cohesive platform facilitates tracking assets, tracing people, and monitoring temperature and pressure. The system also provides reliable location information, which improves operational efficiencies across the healthcare spectrum. LogiTrack's tools and information are critical to any healthcare facility that wants to ensure maximum operational efficiency while improving patient care.

LogiTag Designing and Planning Assistance

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