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Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets are a HIPAA Compliant Medical Filing System for Healthcare Facilities

kardex lektriever filing cabinets are hipaa comppliant access records with a push of a button at ergonomic shelf

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and any type of healthcare facility needs a HIPAA compliant medical filing system for storing confidential patient information. Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets guarantee effective security that provides the additional benefits of increased productivity, maximizing floor space, and improving ergonomics. (view pictures of Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets)

Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets Improve Ergonomics and Increase Productivity

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The Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets contain a series of vertically arranged revolving shelves that are controlled by an electronic keypad. With just the push of a button, the Lektriever Filing Cabinet rotates and delivers files to the operator at an ergonomically placed work counter. This system allows employees to access and retrieve files without wasting time searching, reaching, bending, or twisting, which has the added benefit of increasing their productivity.

Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets Maximize Space

By using a Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinet, you can maximize the space your medical filing system takes up. For example, a clinic we worked with used lateral drawer cabinets for their medical filing system using 820 square feet and two entire walls. Once they installed just two Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets they were able to reduce the area devoted to medical filing to only 414 square feet, which is a 50% savings in floor space. The clinic was able to add an administrative office in the recovered space.

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Lektriever Filing Cabinets are an Easy to Use HIPAA Compliant Medical Filing System

With its bi-parting doors, the Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets can be locked up at the end of the day or whenever there is a need to secure confidential patient information. The system’s Safety Information Panel (SIP) lets the staff know that the system is ready to operate. The SIP communicates information with a familiar traffic light design to quickly convey the status of the system to the operator. If a drawer is left slightly open and someone pushes a button, the system will not operate unless the drawer is closed. Once the drawer is completely closed, the system shows the green light which means it is ready to operate.

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Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing new equipment, service, and relocations to all types of healthcare facilities with Kardex Lektriever Filing Cabinets for over 40 years. If you are interested in finding out more information on these HIPAA compliant medical filing systems, then give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. We will put you in touch with your local representative that can help design and install the perfect medical filing system for your needs.


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