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The RFID StockBox Improves Hospital Supply Chain Management

rfid stockbox for supply chain medical supply inventory management

Hospital supply chain management using the RFID StockBox provides materials managers with an easy and efficient method to automate inventory management and the reordering of medical supplies. The RFID StockBox combines a two-bin Kanban lean management configuration with advanced RFID technology to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled stock cards, to run regular restocking reports, and to send automated restocking requests as they occur to hospital ERP systems. With the RFID StockBox system, your hospital will be able to improve productivity by eliminating the manual counting of medical supplies in PAR/utility rooms. (view RFID StockBox images)

How the RFID StockBox Works to Automate Hospital Supply Chain Management

The StockBox works uses a two-bin Kanban system to automate hospital supply chain management. Medical supplies are picked and used as they are needed from the first of two storage bins. Once the quantity in the first or primary bin is used, the item has reached its restocking point. An RFID-enabled stock card is pulled from the label holder on the front of the bin and dropped in the RFID StockBox. Dropping the stock card in the RFID StockBox triggers and sends an electronic notification – including the item quantity and location – to the materials manager for reordering. Meanwhile, the stock in a secondary bin is moved into the front primary bin. Items triggered from the StockBox for reordering are picked in central supply and distributed to the medical supply room and placed in the secondary bin behind the primary bin to ensure the oldest items are always used first. When the materials management team delivers the reordered items to the supply room, the StockBox is opened and the stock cards are retrieved and passed over the control panel to update the inventory database that the restocking is complete. When replenishment is completed, the stock cards are returned to their respective cardholders.

diagram of hospital supply chain management with the rfid stockbox

Benefits of Using RFID StockBox for Hospital Supply Chain Management

The RFID StockBox presents hospitals with an affordable hardware and software system to effectively automate and optimize the management of high-access, low-cost medical supplies. The RFID StockBox can be used in the OR supply room, pharmacy, nursing supply storage room, and other locations where efficient stock management is critical. Here are just some of the benefits of hospital supply chain management using RFID StockBox:

rfid stockbox is a two bin replenishment system for hospital supply chains

  • Provides a 50% reduction in supply room inventory
  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Improves availability of medical supplies
  • Eliminates stock-outs
  • Reduces inventory waste with right-size inventory
  • Reduces management costs

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The RFID StockBox meets the need for automating inventory management in any department or patient care area within a hospital. It presents a simple, highly efficient system for reordering medical supplies in locations where effective stock management is critical. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about how the RFID StockBox will benefit your healthcare facility.


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