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Last updated: July 06, 2020

RFID Smart Cabinet is a LEAN Supply Chain Management Solution for Hospital Medical Devices

automate medical device tracking with the rfid smart cabinet

The RFID Smart Cabinet provides materials managers with an easy-to-use lean supply chain management system that automates tracking high-value medical devices in any hospital department including cath-labs, operating-rooms, pharmacies and clinics. Utilizing RFID technology in combination with point-of-use reporting, the Smart Cabinet gives hospitals precise, real-time inventory management at the item level. In addition, the RFID Smart Cabinet gives the entire supply chain an accurate view of inventory levels, usage, and status of high-value medical devices. (view images of the RFID Smart Cabinet) Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

How the RFID Smart Cabinet Works for Hospital Medical Device Lean Supply Chain Management

RFID labels are placed on the item package or box, and the item’s barcode is scanned to “enroll” the medical device into the system. Enrolled items are ready for placement in the Smart Cabinet (an RFID tag identifies the user and unlocks the cabinet doors). Items are placed on the shelves with the RFID tags facing the rear of the cabinet. The cabinet doors are closed and the items are ready for use.

The nurse or technician opens the RFID Smart Cabinet to remove the desired device (ex. stents, catheters, implants). As soon as the device is removed from the shelf, the RFID Smart Cabinet automatically records and tracks it for automated supply chain management that not only saves valuable time but greatly improves patient-device follow-up (for example, in the case of product recalls by the manufacturer).

diagram showing how the rfid smart cabinet works for hospital medical device supply chain management

Detailed and sortable reports will itemize products, status (expired or about to expire), procedure, user, distributor, and more to give materials management teams and others access to real-time information to adjust inventory levels and better manage costs. The RFID Smart Cabinet can also communicate directly with numerous types of ERP systems, so reports can be sent directly to vendors, distributors, and manufacturers. The RFID Smart Cabinet also allows hospitals to keep medical devices on consignment to better manage costs.

rfid smart cabinet for medical device supply chain management

Benefits of Using the RFID Smart Cabinet for Hospital Medical Device Supply Chain Management

  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Produces accurate inventory records in real time
  • Provides immediate identification of procedure and item
  • Supports consignment inventory management
  • Eliminates stock-outs
  • Eliminates inventory waste (right-size inventory) and expired items
  • Reduces management costs

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