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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Store 3 Beds in the Space of 1 with a Vidir Hospital Bed Storage Lift

Vidir Hospital Bed Storage Lift Uses Overhead Space For StorageJoint Commission LS.02.01.20 dealing with the standard for maintaining the integrity of egress is one of the most frequently cited compliance issues in hospitals. One of the major contributors is broken hospital beds. In a 500 bed hospital, typically 7-10 percent of the beds are broken and waiting to be repaired by the Biomedical department. The problem is that there is a severe shortage of available floor space for broken beds; however, in many cases there is an abundance of overhead space. A Vidir Hospital Bed Storage Lift is the perfect solution to maximize bed storage at your hospital because it uses overhead space. The Hospital Bed Storage Lift can double or even triple the number of hospital beds you can store in the same floor space as just one bed! Click here to watch videos showing how the vertical stacking automatic lifts work. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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How the Hospital Bed Storage Lift Works

revit bim modelsStacking beds to take advantage of unused overhead space just makes sense. Because IFC 315.1.2 requires an 18-inch clearance and depending on your ceiling height, you can use the Vidir Hospital Bed Lift for stacking 2 or 3 beds.

Hospital Bed Storage Lift Will Double Your Bed Storage Capacity Operating the Hospital Bed Storage Lift is easy and only requires one person because it's a powered system and operated by a push-button. To load hospital beds, the operator simply rolls a bed onto the unit and pushes the button. This will raise up the bed and make room for the next one underneath.

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