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Last updated: April 07, 2017

Electric Mobile Storage Systems for Pharmaceutical Company’s Research and Administrative Departments

Electric Mobile Storage Systems for Storing Pharmaceutical Documents

A well known pharmaceutical company incorporated dozens of Electric Mobile Storage Systems into its research/development and administrative campuses. Space was a major concern because the company had just gone through a merger and needed to reuse its existing space for storage. In addition, the company needed flexibility for storing a variety of materials from files and office supplies to samples and finished products. The Electric Mobile Storage Systems were able to fulfill all of the company’s storage requirements for storing pharmaceutical supplies and documents. (Electric Mobile Storage Systems Images)

Electric Mobile Storage Systems Maximize Space

There were many factors that contributed to the company’s need for more space. When the company merged, there was a massive integration of records and department personnel. This meant a physical restructuring of the campuses. The company used Electric Mobile Storage Systems to solve its storage concerns when retrofitting the existing buildings. The mobile systems allowed the company to attain three times more efficient cube utilization of its existing space. In addition to eliminating access aisles and maximizing floor space, the company was able to use its vertical space too by going from pallet racks to Electric Mobile Storage Systems.

Increased Storage Capacity for Storing Pharmaceutical Supplies and Documents

Another factor that drove the need for Electric Mobile Storage Systems was the technological onset of computer modeling. The pharmaceutical company has identifying chemical molecules at 1,000 times the rate it did in 1990. With the increased rate of discovery and drug development lifecycles spanning as long as 10 years, the need to carefully manage and retain research, test information, samples, and supplies has grown exponentially. The increased storage capacity that the Electric Mobile Storage Systems offer has allowed the company to meet all of their storage needs now while providing additional room for growth in the future.

Electric Mobile Storage Systems Offer Tremendous FlexibilityStoring documents in electric mobile shelving

Flexibility in facility design was also important to the pharmaceutical company. To accommodate ongoing changes in the industry, the project managers and engineers need flexibility to redesign existing space. The Electric Mobile Storage Systems are not only adaptable in shelf design, they can also be moved, reconfigured, and expanded if needed.

A Sampling of the Mobile System Applications at the Pharmaceutical Company

  • Legal department: legal files and books
  • Medicine safety: study files
  • Clinical supply: finished kits
  • Library: reference material
  • BioMedical department: study documents
  • Administration: office supplies
  • Production: retain samples in freezer supplies, parts, equipment, and finished goods
  • Lab: laboratory supplies
  • Engineering: engineering files

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