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Last updated: July 06, 2020
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An Automated Kanban System for Hospital Inventory Management

TheresANewLogiTagSolutionA hospital recently completed converting one of its supply rooms from a PAR level inventory management to an Automated Kanban System using Spacesaver’s FrameWRX and StockBox products. Hospital inventory management can be complicated because you have to balance not running out of medical supplies with managing inventory overhead costs. An automated Kanban system streamlines hospital inventory management by taking the guesswork out of when medical supplies need to be reordered and replenished. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

medical frawewrx two bin automated Kanban storage system

Hospital Inventory Management with FrameWRX and StockBox Saves Time and Money

The hospital's supply room that converted to an automated Kanban system contained approximately 200 unique consumable items including gloves, diapers, and IV drips with inventory in excess of 3,600 medical items. The hospital installed a two-bin automated Kanban system and the StockBox using FrameWRX medical storage shelves. (Read more about FrameWRX and StockBox)

Within two months, the hospital's inventory was reduced to about 1,900 from 3,600 items using the two-bin automated Kanban system. One and a half hours a day was saved in inventory counts alone, equating to a yearly savings of $7,020. In addition, the hospital has experienced zero stock-outs since the installation of the automated Kanban system. Additional savings in personnel time savings from nurses, supply clerks, and sterile processing department techs, were conservatively estimated at over $4,000.Hospital Inventory Management with two bind RFID stock card

As a result of the new automated Kanban system, the workplace satisfaction and attitudes of the nurses and supply techs improved when they realized they didn't have to hunt or make emergency calls for medical items. All in all the hospital estimated the return-on-investment for the automated Kanban system was less than 18 months. Since the conversion of the first medical supply room, the hospital has decided to move forward converting additional supply rooms in the hospital to the FrameWRX and StockBox automated Kanban system.

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