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Last updated: February 08, 2021

Running Out of Space in the IT Department for Equipment Storage

hospital it department storage in the mobilized systemInformation Technology (IT) is an integral and vital function of any organization or company. With the increasing number of roles and duties of an organization’s IT department, there is also an increase in items they need to actively store. But there’s not always available space for these items. Here’s how we helped a Texas hospital solve their IT storage problem with a specially designed mobilized storage system with modular drawers and wire shelves. Click here to learn more about high-density mobile shelving. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Hospital Needs Solution for Improving IT Department’s Storage

As the hospital was working on designs for a new building, they realized their current storage systems for IT equipment weren’t doing them any favors. Because this facility is one of the busiest public hospitals in the nation, they needed every department to be thoughtfully and strategically planned.

Because there wasn’t much space available for the massive amount of IT equipment, the hospital knew they needed the help of a storage expert. The hospital reached out to Southwest Solutions Group’s Craig Crock for help, as he’s worked with them before to design storage for other departments. In this instance, Craig worked with the hospital’s architects and design team to create a personalized storage solution that included a mobilized storage system with modular drawers and wire shelves.

Mobilized System with Drawers & Wire Shelves Solves the Problem

mobilized system with drawers and wire shelves for hospital it departmentTo maximize the effectiveness of the IT department’s storage space, mobilized carriages were utilized on anti-tip rails. The mobilized storage system has laminate end panels and 4-Post shelving that contains modular drawers with a 400lb weight capacity and wire shelves. The wire shelves allow for airflow and light to create the necessary conditions to properly store larger IT equipment, such as computers. Adjustable partitions were used inside the modular drawers to organize small items.

This innovative storage solution allowed the hospital’s IT department to smartly store new computers, laptops, mousepads, computer mice, USB drives, external hard drives, and other technological equipment in their storage area. Various components of this system provided organization for all of the IT equipment ensuring convenience and faster access to items when needed.

With the innovative mobilized storage system from Craig, the hospital’s IT department not only maximized the effectiveness of their space but improved their operations with faster access to equipment through better storage organization.

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