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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Storage for Inpatient Pharmaceutical Department

healthcare powered mobile shelves pharmacy hospitalWhen an inpatient pharmacy department remodeled to make room for a new robotic drug dispensing system, they also needed a way to store their pharmaceuticals and supplies more efficiently and within a smaller footprint. The department both had to make room for the new robotic equipment and still allow sufficient room for its sterile materials preparation and supply storage areas. Read on to find out how healthcare powered mobile shelves were able to store IV & pharmaceutical department supplies in an even more compact footprint than before, despite the department having much less storage space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Storage Challenges

The pharmaceutical department provides two primary distribution functions: sterile IV preparation and unit-dose drug dispensing. When the hospital decided to automate their unit-dose drug dispensing operation, they knew that they would have much less room for their supply storage. The room that now houses the robotic system was previously used as a central warehouse for supply storage, which meant that the department would have to lose their case goods storage space. They also weren't given any additional space to expand the department, so they had to come up with a storage solution that would combine two storage rooms into a single storage area for both IV & pharmaceutical department supplies. Healthcare powered mobile shelves provided the surprisingly simple solution.

Because the department operates 24/7, it's extremely important that they're highly efficient and productive with supplying critical medications to patients. Before the powered mobile shelves, staff had to walk great distances to restock and retrieve supplies. The area was also poorly lit and didn't meet fire code requirements.

Multiple Benefits of the Healthcare Powered Mobile Shelves

store iv pharmaceutical department supplies powered compact shelving

The remodel allowed supplies to be centrally located for quick stocking and retrieval. The new powered mobile shelves are situated in the department's main corridor, which is convenient for both the robot room and new IV work room. The powered mobile shelves are also programmed to have a stationary carriage in the middle with two separate aisles, one for the IV supply area and the other for the pharmaceutical dispensing robot room.

Additional flexibility in the shelf design allows for efficient storage of small unit bottles and large case good items. The IV supply side was designed with deeper shelves and heavy-duty carriages to accommodate large boxes and heavy loads, while the pharmaceutical supply side has standard carriages and shallow, closely space shelves.

The powered mobile shelves were also chosen because of their safety features. The controlled start and stop of the system protects small, delicate items and prevents any jarring. With no shelf lips or bins needed, the items stay in place as the carriages are opened and closed countless times per day. Not only has the powered mobile shelves fit all of the department's required supplies, but it has also made everyone's life easy with its ease of operation.

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