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Half high museum cabinets offer ultimate collection protection

half high museum cabinetsHalf high museum cabinets offer the ultimate protection against water, insects light and dust to keep collections looking their best. Each comes with doors and pullout tray shelves for artifact storage to secure items, keeping them safe from premature deterioration. A multi-point door latching system provides an air-tight seal that blocks intrusion from light and pests. It also prevents the buildup of moisture and dust, so stored collections preserve their integrity. Click here for more on museum storage solutions.

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Doors & pullout tray shelves for artifact storage

Unit doors and pullout tray shelves for artifact storage remove or adjust to provide increased storage space flexibility. Its drawers also extend outward to create better access to stored items, which makes referencing easier. Shelf construction blends one-piece 18 gauge formed steel shelves with 20 gauge reinforcements for lasting durability. Shelving adjusts on 3/4" centers without using tools to make accommodating changes a breeze. There are also 16 gauge adjustable support rails for shelves that offer stability.

Features for half high museum cabinets

  • doors pullout tray shelves artifact storageThese half high museum cabinets feature all-welded heavy-duty steel construction. Units mix 18 gauge doors, tops, bottoms, backs and sides with a 12 gauge base for dependable durability. Steel inserts made from 20 gauge metal construction.
  • All edges are folded to provide a smooth surface that prevents snagging of folders
  • Depending on cabinet size, door have a four-point or six-point latching system to ensure air-tight storage
  • Locking compression handles help provide the tightest seal possible
  • Total non-off gassing silicon gaskets protect stored items
  • Removable doors lift off of hinges to provide increased storage convenience
  • Glass or solid doors available to provide collection visibility or security
  • Leveling base
  • Solvent-free powder-coated finish provides an attractive look and promotes environmental friendliness
  • Large pull-out work shelf (optional) provide convenient space for studying artifacts
  • Vents (optional) provide proper ventilation so collections don't become stagnant while in storage
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty relates to workmanship and materials

Contact us for half high museum cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services of half high museum cabinets. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business's exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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