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Last updated: October 22, 2019

Weapons evidence locker storage cabinet with space for securing firearms

weapons evidence locker storageOver 467,000 people were victims of a crime as the result of gun violence, according to a survey conducted in 2011. On the whole, however, crimes committed with a firearm made up just eight percent of all violent crimes for that year. Despite being relatively low in terms of statistics, this detail doesn't appear to provide much comfort when it comes to personal safety, especially given the recent bout of crimes committed by an act of gun violence. The use a weapons evidence locker storage cabinet with space for securing firearms will serve to provide a bit more assurance, however. It simplifies the task of securing any size combination of guns brought into evidence by combining all the essential features for security and storage flexibility into one place. A broad selection of user-configurable accessories to accommodate changing needs and numerous locking options speak very highly of the system's value when it comes to the issue of cost-effectiveness as well. Click here to learn about proper gun storage.

Weapons evidence locker storage for durability & security

buy police productsThe weapons evidence locker storage cabinet with space for securing firearms is designed for long-lasting durability and security. The inclusion of several features provide the system with the support it needs to function with confidence in these areas, while also seeing to it that firearms of every shape and size are properly looked after and securely stored once taken into evidence. These features include:

  • Solid box flange frame of the highest quality
  • Choose from combination, hasp for padlock, key or 10-pin digital locking options
  • Durable double panel door with a tamper-proof full-length hinge
  • Interlocking mechanism available for securing drawer when the locker door is closed if drawer option is chosen
  • Safe, reliable support for firearms is provided for by a range of interior accessories
  • Solid door prohibits weapons inside lockers from being viewed by the naked eye

Flexible weapons evidence locker storage

cabinet with space for securing firearmsThis weapons evidence locker storage cabinet with space for securing firearms also doesn't disappoint when it comes to the issue of flexibility. It has a great deal of storage flexibility and can be easily manipulated to make room for accessories when improved performance is needed. This includes barrel supports and bases, as well as shelves. All allow for proper evidence organization to be handled with improved efficiency. Additional features for this weapons evidence locker cabinet with space for securing firearms include:

  • Full-width shelves provide support for ammunition storage of up 300 lbs
  • Storage for weapons of smaller size is easily accommodated for with assistance from rails with barrel supports that are easily movable. This includes hand guns, rifles, shot guns and tasers, just to name a few.
  • Simple shelf adjustments can be made with help from side lances
  • Universal base with individual stock support slots allows for many weapons to be accommodated for by changing the location of the stock cups

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