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Last updated: October 22, 2019

safety lockers for school liaison officers offer secure assault rifle storage

Safety Lockers Make Firearms Easily Accessible to School Liaison Officers

Police departments are dedicated to keeping schools safe for students. In fact, many schools these days have at least one or two liaison officers that actually work at the school. These officers need quick access to the right tactical gear and firearms in the event of a shooting. Safety lockers are specifically designed to securely store weapons and gear so that school liaison officers have the access they need to protect students in harm’s way. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

Features of the Safety Locker Ensure Protection from Unauthorized Access

The safety lockers have two compartments on top for storing small firearms, additional tactical gear, or evidence. The lower compartment is for storing assault rifles and is equipped with a special keypad lock that records an audit trail of each time the safety locker is accessed and who accessed it. This adds an extra layer of security to ensure only the police department’s school liaison officer has access.

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Why Do School Liaison Officers Need This Storage Solution?

safety lockers for easily accessible firearms for school liaison officers

If there is ever an active shooter on school property, officers need to quickly access the right firearm to protect endangered students. Timing is everything in these situations, and having security lockers to store weapons saves valuable time. Without safety lockers for assault rifles, an officer would have to leave the building to access his or her rifle in the squad car if there is an active shooter in the school, and in many cases will not make it back in time to stop the assailant before someone is injured.

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