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Programmable controlled access for securing handguns & ammo

programmable controlled access weapons storageWeapons theft has become a commonplace crime that plagues military and law enforcement agencies, alike. And, the sum of guns reported stolen, doesn't even begin to compare to the number that go unreported on an annual basis. The rate at which firearms are swiped from premises housing police and armed forces is so staggering, in fact, that it has lead departments to seek out high-tech solutions when it comes to implementing improved security for weapons. This includes programmable controlled access weapons storage for securing handguns and ammo. This system is more than just your run of the mill storage solution. It's state-of-the-art technology working at its best. This is because the system is setup to allow or deny access through the use of sophisticated identification options ranging from proximity card and fingerprints to username and password. Controlled access is further established because it operates through selective access. This means items, which are stored in separate sealed compartments, are only available for retrieval if and when the slot holding them are prompted to open during the selection process. The entire process, from start to finish, is automatically documented and captured by a wireless camera. And weapons are not accessible if users have not been given authorization. See how the programmable controlled access cabinets work in action. buy police products

Securing Handguns and Ammo for maximum security

Securing handguns and ammo in a programmable controlled cabinet provides an improved level of security for police departments and military units. The system is smart enough to recognize breaches in security. When operations such as failed log-in attempts, forced entry during a burglary or pounding and shaking happens, the programmable controlled access weapons storage dispatches alerts and records it by camera for maximum security. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

Programmable controlled weapon storage for increased productivity

for securing handguns and ammoAccessibility to this programmable controlled weapons storage cabinets are further enhanced and monitored because tasks can be taken care of from anywhere with a remote connection, resulting in higher levels of productivity and improved inventory management. These include:

  • Granting and denying authorization
  • Creating reports and video surveillance 
  • Blocking users
  • Establishing due dates for items

Watch a video on how to configure the drawer interiors

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