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Flexible and Secure Weapons Storage Systems for Law Enforcement

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At police departments and law enforcement agencies, when your job is to serve and protect, you need flexible and secure weapons storage systems. The storage system needs to be well-planned to be able to store multiple types of guns and ammunition; ensure that it maximizes space, and offers easy yet secure access to stored items. Double-sided gun cabinets and weapons storage shelving with security doors offer all fields of law enforcement, from the sheriff’s department to the evidence room, a secure storage solution that will meet their demands and needs. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

rotating locking double sided gun cabinets for police departments

Double-Sided Gun Cabinets

Double-sided gun cabinets have two sides and revolve 360 degrees to provide double the storage capacity in less space than a traditional storage system. The cabinets are also equipped with a lock to prevent anyone without authorization from accessing stored items.

law enforcement weapons storage shelving with security doorsMoving and accessing stored weapons in the gun cabinet is easy. One side of the cabinet faces the wall while the other side is accessible. To access stored guns on the cabinet side facing the wall, simply spin the cabinet 180 degrees. When you are finished, you can turn the cabinet a quarter turn either way to lock it.

Weapons Storage Shelving with Security Doors

Weapons storage shelving can be designed to ensure that every inch of space is maximized to store your guns and ammo. The real benefit is the security doors. These doors can be added to almost any type of shelving units. And with transparent and slatted options, you will always have a clear view of your inventory. A variety of control options for the security doors ensures that only people with permission or authority can access stored items.

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