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Last updated: October 07, 2020

Compact mobile refrigerated storage

compact mobile refrigerated storage

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Compact mobile refrigerated storage came to the rescue of a pathology lab in more ways than one. It was to serve as the replacement for an existing cart system that had become overcrowded and stood to be somewhat of an inconvenience as the result of growing business. The system was looked upon as a safe and efficient alternative for storing and retrieving refrigerated samples. Its ability to optimally function in near-freezing temperatures also made it highly desirable when compared to other options. Saving space for added storing capacity is easy for systems such as compact mobile refrigerated storage because that's just what they're designed for. (Learn more about high density compact storage)  Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Compact mobile refrigerated storage works to save space & add storing capacity

There was a lot involved when it came to readying the space the system, which increases pathology lab storing capacity, would fit into. Size measurements of the test tubes and vials had to taken. Shelving the lab had already purchased had to be re-purposed, too. Designing fully-configured compact mobile refrigerated storage for the designated space was necessary, as well. All of this was easily accomplished, however, because of how the system works to save space. Turning something as simple as a ergonomically-designed handle prompts the compact mobile refrigerated storage to take up less space by moving along floor tracks until pressed up against neighboring carriages. This simple operation, which only takes moments to perform, effectively increases pathology lab storing capacity by a figure of at least 130 percent.

Pathology lab benefits from using compact mobile refrigerated storage

increases pathology lab storing capacityThere were many other added benefits from using the compact mobile refrigerated storage, however, which staff might never have thought possible before its installation. As a result of no longer having to shift multiple carts just to be given access to the one that was needed, turnaround time was greatly improved. The system's tidy appearance and smooth operation took away the need to struggle with storage that only proved to be inconvenient, allowing staff to carry out their mission. The lab handles processing for about 17,000 samples in a given day. Staff morale and customer service were also boosted as a result of the durability, convenience and efficiency that was provided for by the system. Time-sensitive retrievals were handled in large quantities by the night shift, as well. 

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