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Last updated: March 15, 2017

Cost-saving museum geology full-height preservation cabinet

museum geology full-height preservation cabinet for storing heavy sample specimensAs it stands today, metal-made museum geology full-height preservation cabinet units are a space-saving and safe choice for storing heavy sample specimens. With one unit offering up to 18.19 cubic feet of storage capacity, collections that include a considerable number of species are allowed to be conveniently located into a single space for greater cost savings than that achieved through the use of several sturdy boxes. 

Nearly two decades ago, something as simple as a sturdy box and cabinets were equally accepted as appropriate storage options for many forms of geological sample specimens, including everything from vertebrate and non-vertebrate fossils to mineral and rock samples. However, with a limited batch of some 3,600 mineral species posing a potential threat to handlers' health and safety, one agency went so far as to make it their policy that collections be kept in cabinets made of metal some years later. It goes on to contend that other materials used in the construction of storage cabinets and display cases - including adhesives, various coatings, sealants and wood - are known for giving off acetic and other carboxylic acids, which have the capacity to react with varying minerals.  Click here for more about museum geology collection preservation cabinets.

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Museum geology full-height preservation cabinet collection protection

What's more, the museum geology full-height preservation cabinet is far more equipped to ensure the health and safety of those accessing the storage and its contents than that of boxes by having the capacity to offer optimal preservation protection. Units receive additional support in this area with the help of its sturdy construction and many features. Standard features include:

  • Solid, heavy-gauge steel, reinforced welded construction
  • High-quality, non-off-gassing powder-coated finish
  • Viking closed-cell Elastomeric Seal™ and three-point latching system
  • Convenient lift-off reinforced door
  • Recessed door handle
  • Viking WaterShield™ cap
  • Level-Ease™ swivel levelers, inside accessible
  • Bright nickel-plated hardware
  • Cushioned drawer bumpers
  • One 3" x 5" label holder

Optional features:

  • Lock for standard recessed handle
  • Lever handle with lock
  • 2-3/4" Easy-glide drawers, free release type
  • Magnetic fumigant pocket

Museum geology full-height preservation cabinet promises optimal user health & safety

Each component is meant to function differently to meet varying needs in connection with facilitating the proper conservation and storing of heavy sample specimens. When incorporated into one unit, the museum geology full-height preservation cabinet is essentially armed with the tools necessary to keep threatening agents from coming in direct contact with collections or those that handle them. The end result is a cabinet of exceptional quality that offers increased collection longevity and, by extension, promises optimal user health and safety.  

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