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Last updated: March 15, 2017

Counter-high geology museum storage for optimal floor space usage

counter high geology museum storageCounter-high geology museum storage is now available as a stack cabinet with protective seal and latch for added convenience when needing to optimize your floor space. Ideal for heavy geological collections, its versatile design offers you an opportunity to make the most out of the available floor space by allowing for units to be safely placed one on top of the other. This counter-high geology museum storage is just an effective if not used in a stacked capacity, however. In such a case, it offers support for increased productivity by providing an extra surface space with which to work from. Up to 8.51 cubic feet of storage space is also provided. Read more articles about geology storage cabinets designed to securely seal for optimal preservation protection, just like the counter-high geology museum storage stack cabinet with protective seal and latch. 

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Stack cabinet with protective seal & latch features

The counter-high geology museum storage stack cabinet with protective seal and latch also comes with a number of standard and optional features to ensure collections are well preserved.

Standard Features

  • Bright nickel-plated hardware resists corrosion and flaking
  • Closed-cell Elastomeric Seal™ and three-point latching system ensures your geology collection remains securely protected by providing an essentially air tight seal for controlling pest infestation and preservation
  • Covered with high-quality, non-off-gassing powder-coated finish
  • Cushioned drawer bumpers
  • Level-Ease™ swivel levelers, with inside accessibility, allow adjustment for proper cabinet operation and placement on irregular surfaces
  • Lift-off reinforced door is removable to ease cabinet loading
  • One 3"x5" label holder helps with the identification of cabinet contents
  • Recessed door handle provides the counter-high geology museum storage with a clean look, while also adding aisle space
  • Solid, heavy-gauge steel, reinforced welded construction for years of service
  • WaterShield™ cap shields contents from damage caused by ceiling leaks or fire sprinkler discharge

Optional Features

  • Free release type easy-glide drawers, measuring 2-3/4"
  • Lever handle with lock
  • Lock for standard recessed handle
  • Magnetic fumigant pocket

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