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CSI specification 10 51 00 wire mesh, metal, wood, plastic lockersMore businesses are turning to efficient, secure, and safe locker solutions to save space, time, and money. Having efficient and sturdy lockers is imperative to any storage area. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer a wide variety of metal wood plastic wire mesh CSI (Construction Specification Institute) specification 10 51 00 lockers and locker benches that can be customized and configured to your liking. Please contact us for the locker specifications you need.

Benefits of Installing Our Locker Solutions

By having our metal wood plastic wire mesh CSI specification 10 51 00 lockers and locker benches installed, you'll notice the many benefits associated, such as optimized storage space, reduced theft, increased organization, and overall reduced costs.

Saved Space, Increased Organization & Reduced Theft

Health clubs, country clubs, spas, golf clubs, and other establishments, are installing these lockers to keep areas organized, while also saving and utilizing floor space the best way they can. Our lockers also offer patrons a place to safely and securely hold their valuable items, resulting in reduced theft and higher security levels. Clients will have peace of mind knowing their valuables are kept safe while taking part in their favorite activities. With less-likely instances of crime, those in management, as well as employees, can devote their time and energy to other areas of customer service.


By saving space, increasing organization, and reducing theft, owners of the metal wood plastic wire mesh CSI specification 10 51 00 lockers and locker benches can decrease their overall costs associated with maintenance, upkeep, and insurance costs. Saved time and hassle also equates to reduced costs in the long run.

In leisure-type businesses, property owners can even charge rental usage fees to their customers for securely stored items. This money can be used to pay off the installation of the lockers or go toward other aspects of business upkeep.

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Types of Lockers We Install

(Specification 10 51 00)

Our wide variety of metal wood plastic wire mesh CSI specification 10 51 00 lockers and locker benches are sure to suit your business' storage needs and are available in an assortment of materials and options.

Our selection includes, but isn't limited to, TA-50 military lockers, ventilated lockers, outdoor bicycle lockers, evidence lockers, ammo lockers, refrigerated lockers, keyless lockers, country club wood lockers, police gear lockers, music instrument lockers, and many more.

While we offer a range of options, most of our lockers are made using highly durable materials, including metal, steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic, recycled plastic, wire mesh, and glass.

Metal and Stainless Steel Lockers

(Specification 10 51 13)

outside stainless steel police lockers arson investigator gearOur lockers, made of metal, steel, and stainless steel, are constructed of heavy-duty, high-quality material in single, double, or triple-tier configurations. The lockers come equipped with stainless steel recessed handles, louvered doors, and fingertip lift levers that operate the secure latching mechanism. The recessed handles offer a catch-free, neat appearance, making them ideal for any application.

Our stainless steel locker options are heavily relied on by police departments and arson investigators for outside storage solutions because they can handle extreme conditions and weather. The outdoor lockers are safe and secure for storing hazardous and flammable materials and can be completely customizable in different sizes or configurations.

All our metal and stainless steel lockers are excellent for outdoor storage, allowing for better use of your indoor space. By not needing to purchase or rent additional floor space, you'll be able to organize your current space and increase your savings efficiently.

Wood Lockers

(Specification 10 51 16)

wood lockers golf country clubsWood lockers are great options for health clubs, locker rooms, country clubs, day spas, golf clubs, or wherever a professional but sturdy look is desired. These are constructed from various types of stain and impact-resistant wood throughout the entire unit. The lockers come in standard, performance, team, and aquatic configurations with many customized colors available.

Our software-driven wood lockers are the perfect solution for companies with employees that need a temporary, yet secure and convenient solution for their items. The lockers can also provide an audit trail so that management knows when they are in use and who has been using them.

Installing any of our wood locker solutions in your establishment will lead to aesthetically pleasing and organized locker rooms for your customers and staff. With more organization, you're able to save space, allowing for more places to store other income-generating equipment.

Plastic and Recycled Plastic Lockers

(Specifications 10 51 26, 10 51 23, 10 52 26.13, 10 51 29)

stackable box lockers plasticOur plastic-laminate-clad lockers, recycled plastic lockers, and phenolic lockers are typically used in pool areas, gymnasiums, restaurants, and athletic facilities. These are great for securing valuables in high humidity, wet, or even corrosive environments. The lockers are constructed from stable, water-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for long-lasting durability and strength. With these heavy-duty materials, the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria is eliminated. Customers love that they don't rust, delaminate, or dent, which makes them longer-lasting and cost-effective.

Recycled plastic lockers are becoming business favorites as they help companies reduce their overall carbon footprint. With the trend of 'going green' vastly increasing, our recycled plastic lockers are the perfect solution for locker rooms with higher humidity. These environmentally friendly lockers are resistant to moisture, salt-water, and even chlorine. Made of sturdy, post-consumer recycled plastic, they can withstand wear and tear, making them long-lasting and saving your business money in the long-run.

Both plastic lockers and recycled plastic lockers are incredibly beneficial as storage options and space savers. When used in leisure facilities, charging a fee for the rental of the locker can increase your overall business cash-flow. Because they are made of high-quality materials, you'll continue to benefit for years to come with low maintenance costs.

Wire Mesh Lockers

(Specification 10 51 43)

CSI specifications 10 51 00 lockers & locker benchesThese solutions are ideal for applications that require durability, visibility, or ventilation. They are great to use as tenant storage lockers, industrial lockers, TA-50 military lockers, garage storage lockers, or for other applications. With quick installation, they are easily set up and can be moved or reconfigured at any time. The materials stored in these lockers are visible but remain accessible to authorized users only. The secure, welded mesh design allows for in-plant lighting, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to work effectively.

Our single-tiered, walk-in storage lockers are the most common configuration with a 3' or 4' wide door depth of 3' to 5', and a standard height of 7' 6", while our double-tiered storage units have the same widths and depths, and heights of 3' 9". These lockers consist of a front door panel and sidewalls, but there are many other additional options, including ceiling panels, back panels, shelves, and floor panels.

Using these solutions guarantees increased organization and saved space as the lockers can be stored outside, or in underground parking lots, and are easily transferable to wherever you have space.

Glass Lockers

(Specification 10 51 29)

phenolic toughened glass aluminum locker doorsWe have a selection of lockers made with a combination of glass and other heavy-duty materials, such as our wet and dry phenolic, glass, and aluminum lockers. Glass lockers are perfect solutions for both wet and dry applications, such as swimming pools, spas, schools, leisure centers, hotels, universities, offices, gyms, and much more. Their versatility, lightweight construction, well-proportioned design, and guaranteed long-lasting use sets them apart from rival lockers, saving you money, space, and time.

Our steel day-use lockers and day-use sport lockers come with clear glass doors and keyless locks. They are available in multiple configurations and sizes, providing a great solution that promotes safety. The glass door offers a quick and easy visual inspection of stored items. These keyless glass lockers can be configured for single-user or multi-user mode depending on your needs.

Coin-operated Lockers and Locks

coin operated storage lockersCoin-operated lockers are great rental solutions in leisure facilities. Our coin-operated lockers can easily be installed for whatever application you might need. As well as the locker itself, we also carry coin-operated locks. These solutions help avoid unauthorized locker reservations by adding coin activation as a deposit. Users are required to insert a coin before they can enter their code. Also, the automatic opening can be set at night. This type of keyless locker is beneficial in busy facilities with high rotation. The locker provides better organization and decreases item theft.

Ready-For-Installation Locker Benches

(Specification 10 51 53)

Incorporating benches in locker rooms is an excellent addition for your users to relax, or simply get ready for activities on. Our locker room benches are available in hardwood maple, plastic, aluminum, and steel. These benches can also come as phenolic, with back support, wall-mount capabilities, and more.

Do you want to install locker benches to utilize your space more efficiently?  We offer and install pull-out breadboard benches that retract into locker frames. These solutions reduce the depth of each locker by 12", allowing for more rows of lockers so that you can make better use of your floor space. The pull-out breadboard benches even have more than a 600-pound load capacity.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Locker Installation

With our wide selection of metal wood plastic wire mesh CSI specification 10 51 00 lockers and locker benches, we have the ideal solution for your company. Please contact us for a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications.

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