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storing military gear & equipment safely and securely

gear & equipment mesh storage lockers prevent property loss and damageA National Guard was having trouble storing soldiers' gear and equipment because they had no central storage location. Soldiers were required to store gear and equipment in their homes; obviously, this solution was less than ideal, and often times resulted in the loss of government property. To remedy this problem, the National Guard decided to install gear and equipment storage lockers to prevent property loss and avoid costly equipment replacements. Click here to learn more about military deployment equipment.

how the storage lockers provided security solutions

In some cases, a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) has to be conducted to determine whether or not a solider will be liable for any lost or misplaced equipment. Conducting a FLIPL is a time-consuming process that may require a large number of people to be involved, wasting valuable time and resources. To avoid FLIPLs, the National Guard installed a system that would ensure the accountability and security of gear and equipment.

A locker room was created in each National Guard readiness center throughout the state to keep valuable equipment secure and accounted for. Classrooms and even old twenty-foot-long shipping containers have been converted and equipped with lockers. The Guard can fit 18 lockers inside each shipping container to make use of this extra space when there is no room on site for another locker room.

The gear and equipment storage lockers were engineered specifically for the Guard's unique site requirements. Lockers were built to accommodate larger mobility bags and other equipment while offering more versatility than standard metal lockers and wire cages. Each locker is constructed with a perforated mesh door designed to provide airflow through the locker while obscuring the view of expensive equipment kept inside for added security. The lockers also offer flexibility and a large amount of interior space in each locker for storage.

military gear & equipment storage lockers enhance security and prevent property loss

Additional features of the gear and equipment storage lockers include:

  • Ability for reconfiguration on site
  • Adjustable shelves in each locker
  • Garment hangers
  • Air extraction ready
  • Electrical ready; ability to add duplex electrical outlets to lockers at any time
  • Integrated pegboard holes
  • 9.5 or 13" deep hardwood bench on bench drawer units
  • 200 lb capacity bench and external access drawers

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Heavy-duty gear and equipment lockers can be installed in a variety of facility types, including law enforcement facilities, military bases, hospitals, and more. Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for gear and equipment storage lockers to prevent property loss and enhance security, and we will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage solutions specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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