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Last updated: December 17, 2019

Police Uniform and Tactical Gear Lockers

revit bim modelsAre you tired of having your police uniforms and gear stored in different places because your police storage lockers are small and antiquated? Spacesaver® Freestyle™ Police Uniform and Gear Lockers solves the space problem while providing for the storage needs of today’s law enforcement officers. Needs like electrical outlets inside the locker to charge flashlights, radios and other equipment, and ventilated shelves to promote air circulation to dry out vests after working those hot summer days (view uniform and gear locker images).

Police Uniform and Gear Locker Featuresbuy police products

Watch video showing tactical gear locker features (1:39 minutes)

  • Ability to reconfigure, on-site, throughout the life of the locker
  • Adjustable shelf with integral garment hanger
  • Industry's strongest doors with double-wall, welded box construction
  • Air extraction ready – engineered to promote proper air flow within the locker
  • Electrical ready – add duplex outlets to lockers at any time
  • Hang items like duty belts or clothing on the interior door panel, by utilizing integrated peg board holes
  • Durable powder-coat paint finish in numerous standard colors
  • Hardwood butcher block bench on bench drawer units
  • 200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers
  • Welded cabinet construction with reinforced corners for added rigidity

Police Uniform and Gear Lockers Complimentary Design Assistance

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