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Costume shelving racks and cabinets for behind the exhibit storage

garment storage solutionsExhibits housed at museums across the country educate adults and children alike about a particular time or event in history. This experience is enhanced through artifacts, costumes and other rare pieces that help with the details of events of a story being told. Storage of all these artifacts and costume pieces can be done efficiently using costume shelving racks and cabinets. See how these costume shelving racks can be moblized to maximize floorspace. 

Store odd, abnormally-sized items with garment storage solutions

With the help of these garment storage solutions, museum staff in charge of costume restoration and preservation can neatly store garments and accessories of every shape and size without having to worry about items being damaged because of overcrowding. A unique aspect of these costume shelving racks and cabinets is that they can be adjusted to the desired height, making it easier to store items of an odd shape or abnormal size. In addition, because these garment storage solutions are adjustable, items hang comfortably from adjustable rods to fit into these costume shelving racks. This makes costumes and artifacts more visible, allowing for items to be identified faster. It also helps to keep better track of inventory. Find out how garment storage solutions can store fabric samples and rolls of textiles efficiently.

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costume shelving racks and cabinets

rolling doors keep valuable pieces secure

Pieces included in an exhibit are usually worth a fortune. For this reason, it is important for museum staff to take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure these valuable items are securely stored. This problem is fixable simply by adding rolling doors to your garment storage solutions.

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