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Last updated: July 24, 2018

Adaptable Mobile Work Tables

Learning environments are adapting more and more to a variety of different learners and learner styles. As a result, classroom furniture needs to be able to adapt to environments that could change at a moment's notice. Mobile work tables for collaborative classroom and university learning spaces are a simple and flexible solution to a dynamic learning environment, allowing you to create exactly what you need. See more school and educational storage and furniture solutions.classroom university learning space mobile furniture tables

Simple, Flexible Design Allows Dynamic Work Areas

The mobile work tables are designed with three main characteristics:

  • Simplistic design with intuitive and easy to use functions for even a first-time user
  • Mobility to allow for fluid and engaging learning spaces
  • Adaptable for multiple learning environments and collaboration

By avoiding an over-complicated design, the mobile work tables are simple and focused on what really matters: the essentials. Various upgrades and accessories can easily be added on at any time as your needs change.

Instead of activities being limited by what your space can do, mobile work tables allow you to adapt your space to the activity. A flexible, adaptable environment more effectively engages learners of all types so everyone can perform to the best of their abilities whether it's private or collaborative.

Built for Every Learner

mobile work tables collaborative classroom stationEveryone uses their learning spaces and the tools they're given differently. The mobile work stations encourage this, with a variety of optional accessories to add based on different situations. This includes power cords, marker board dividers, table connectors, wire management clips. To further encourage productivity, the tables are also available in numerous top shapes (see video).

With their ease of configuration and simple, flexible design, the mobile work tables are ideal for applications such as:

  • Classrooms
  • Media centers
  • Training rooms
  • Libraries
  • Offices and cubicles

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