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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Nurses Need A Better System for Storing and Retrieving Medical Suppliesframewrx hd storage systems save space

Nurses are spending more of their time chasing down supplies, resulting in lost time and frustration. In an effort to provide better patient care and reduce costs, hospital medical supply rooms are turning to Spacesaver’s FrameWRX HD storage system to better manage their supplies. Effective management of medical supplies relies on flexible storage equipment that is simple to navigate with products clearly visible to nurses and stockroom personnel. Shelves and bins need to be easily adjustable and flexible to meet the changing needs of supply room products. FrameWRX meets all these requirements plus condenses medical supplies to save valuable floorspace. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

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FrameWRX HD Storage Systems Features and Benefits

The unique design of the FrameWRX HD storage system makes it highly customizable and easy to adjust to meet your hospital’s changing storage needs. The FrameWRX HD system compresses storage using siding shelves two or three rows deep. A host of optional accessories are available so you can organize your storage for better visibility and easier accessibility. Some of the features and benefits include:framewrx hd storage systems for hospital medical supply rooms

  • EZ Rail Element: Compatible with hanging bins, pegs, and slat wall accessories, the EZ Rail adds unmatched flexibility and configurability to almost any storage challenge.
  • Two-Position Adjustable Shelves: Easy-to-adjust, single-piece shelves can be mounted horizontally or at a 17 degree slope for gravity feed and instant access. Shelves are available in a variety of depths to meet your storage needs.
  • Easy Access: Moving frames to access stored items is nearly effortless thanks to bearing-mounted, dual flange wheels, and a built-in handle provides an easy grab.
  • Smooth Rolling and Soft Stopping: Proprietary device prevents jolting and jarring by providing smooth, controlled stops of rolling frames, protecting contents and users.
  • Retractable Work Surface: Thermofoiled work surfaces provide a handy yet discrete space that’s readily available.
  • Compatible with Hanging Bins or Wire Baskets: The FrameWRX is compatible with a wide variety of industry standard bins, or you can use wire baskets to hold stored medical supplies.

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