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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Bin Storage Improves Hospital Material Management

framewrx bin storage systems increase clean room supply densityStrategically managing supplies is an essential component of every phase of healthcare. So when a local hospital was working on the design of a new state-of-the-art facility, decision-makers combined best practices with FrameWRX bin storage systems. With these changes, the hospital was able to significantly enhance the efficiencies of its materials management approach and solidify the delivery of quality healthcare for years to come. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Hospital Wanted to Improve Supply Density & Speed-Up Processes

Storage at the hospital’s previous facility involved a combination of wire carts and permanent shelving. At the new facility, officials wanted to improve storage density and speed materials management practices.

Specific goals the hospital wanted to achieve included:

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  • Improve supplies organization and accessibility.
  • Exceed the cap of 7,300 supply items on patient floors.
  • Improve the PAR level benchmark of 33.
  • Speed management of increased inventories.
  • Hold down costs.
  • Free up nursing staff to spend more time with patients.

To execute this plan, the hospital needed a storage system that was capable of delivering an unprecedented level of flexibility to achieve optimum storage density. The FrameWRX bin storage system fit the bill perfectly.

How the FrameWRX Bin Storage Systems Helped to Streamline Materials Management

The hospital installed 20 FrameWRX bin storage systems in clean utility rooms on a majority of the patient floors. The systems are also located in a variety of specialty units including cardiac care, intensive care, rehabilitation, and the birthing center.framewrx system color coded bins improve nurse productivity

The FrameWRX bin storage systems provide optimal storage density, which enabled the hospital to capitalize on available space in the relatively small clean utility rooms. Also, each FrameWRX configuration features an array of color-coded bins in a variety of sizes, which are similar from system to system and floor to floor.

The bins are bar-coded to expedite accurate inventory counts when with hand-held scanners. And with each freshly stocked FrameWRX system, nurses are assured supplies are available when and where needed. Nurses simply focus on the color-coded section to quickly locate the needed items.

The hospital credits the FrameWRX bin storage system with helping them:

  • Streamline operations without having to add full-time staff, or increase inventory costs.
  • Increase supplies on patient floors from 7,298 to 11,896.
  • Boost PAR levels from 33 to 55.
  • Quickly count inventory, check expiration dates, and restock supplies.
  • Minimize the time nurses spend searching for supplies – providing greater opportunity for patient care.

For the hospital, a strategic materials management approach – coupled with an innovative FrameWRX bin storage system – is a cornerstone for success at the new facility.

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