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Last updated: August 01, 2014

An Elegant and Efficient Solution for the Modern Commercial Office Spacemovable walls with glass create a modern commercial office with natural light

When partitioning space, movable walls with glass will create a modern commercial office space. The movable walls with glass create an illusion of a bigger space while looking chic and classy. The walls’ contemporary feel coupled with the ability to change the floor plan at any time makes them a designer favorite.

Get More Natural Light

Movable walls with glass will maximize the amount and dispersion of natural light throughout your commercial office space, especially when clear glass is used. Natural light is important for your space because it’s sustainable. Of course using natural light also saves on energy costs, which in turn saves money.

Save Money When Renovating

Not only will you save on energy costs by using movable walls, you will save on construction and renovation costs. The walls are an easily and quickly installed feature that is effective at dividing space while requiring zero or minimal structural modifications to the room, which could save serious dollars.

Retain Privacy and Noise Reduction

use movable walls with glass for private office spaces

Movable walls with glass composed of frosted, tinted, or colored styles are very successful for making private spaces within busy office environments. The walls will also reduce the amount of noise in these private areas.

Create a More Collaborative Work Environment

With collaborative spaces being the new trend in business’ offices, movable walls with glass offer an aesthetically appealing visual connectivity that is essential to promoting an open and approachable work environment. Because of the increase in natural light, noise reduction and openness, the walls create a more agreeable and pleasurable environment to work in. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity.

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