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Last updated: March 17, 2015

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mobile computer workstation desks transform space in minutes and save thousands dollars

IT Company Makes Smart Investment in Mobile Workstation Desks

Swiftspace work solutions save time and space, but do they save money? Consider the story of this IT company. The company invested $25,000 in Swiftspace mobile computer workstation desks. In just 6 months time, the company received a full return on their investment and are now saving even more money.

The IT Company’s Work Space Needs

The IT company’s office had multiple needs for their office space. Their IT professionals needed to concentrate, and they also wanted to be able to host regular client events. But entertaining in a cluster of office cubicles just didn’t work.

With Swiftspace’s mobile computer workstation desks – that can be moved or taken down in under two minutes – the company’s office can quickly be transformed from regular private work spaces to an open entertainment area.

How Did Mobile Computer Workstation Desks Save Money?

Here’s how the mobile computer workstation desks saved the IT company thousands of dollars:

  1. The company no longer needed the additional 750 square feet of space they were paying for and using just for entertaining.
  2. The costs for the space was about $50 per square foot annually.
  3. Without having to pay for this additional cost, the mobile computer workstation desks paid for themselves in 6 months.
  4. And since the company no longer has to pay for that extra space, they’re continuing to save money over time.

mobile computer workstation desks for IT professionals

What else did the IT company save? They saved time, labor, scheduling and storage costs.

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