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Last updated: March 17, 2015

Office Furniture that Adapts to Changesmovable office desks set up step one is to unfold the desk

The way people are working now is much different than ever before. The name of the game for businesses today is flexibility. Your company needs flexible solutions to adapt to the changes in which people work. Many companies are moving from stationary cubicle workstations to movable office desks and workstations. These office workstations are designed to adapt to the changes in your business. The movable office desks and workstations come with all the parts attached, so you can set-up your space in minutes without the need for any tools.

3 Easy Steps to Setting Up Movable Office Desks & Workstations

Step 1: Unfold the workstation
Step 2: Raise up the table, and lock it into place.
Step 3: Bring down the side panels and secure them to the frame.

step 2 set up for movable office workstations is to raise the table

Once you’ve set-up your movable office workstation, pull-up a chair, and you’re ready to work.

Depending on your privacy needs, you can elect to have no walls, half height walls, or full height walls. Optional accessories include a power bar, a slot wall, binder and pen holders, and paper trays.

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