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Flat File Drawer Cabinets and Map Cabinets for Plan Drawing Storage

flat-file-cabinet-plan-drawings-maps-flags-large-historical-documentsWe have a variety of steel and wood Flat File Drawer Cabinets and map cabinets for storing large documents, maps, negatives, historical artwork, and plan drawings. The Flat File Drawer Cabinets come in a variety of sizes ranging up to 53" wide by 41" deep and are a great way to store documents without bending them. The cabinets will also protect your documents and maps from damage because they are sealed up tight. In addition to cabinets, we also have shelving and racks for plan drawing storage to organize and store rolled construction drawings and rolled blueprints. Click here to buy flat file cabinets online at StoreMoreStore.

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flat file drawer cabinets Holds sheets up to
24" x 36" sheets
Holds sheets up to
30" x 42"
Holds sheets up to
36" x 48"
Holds sheets up to
41" x 26"
Holds sheets up to
50" x 39"
Holds sheets up to
60" x 47"
Flat File

Protect Over-Sized Drawings With Flat File Drawer Cabinets for Maps and Plan Drawings

Preserve your historical archival drawings, maps, and artwork from light, dust, water, and insects with Flat File Drawer Cabinets. Features include:

  • Powder coated non-off gassing paint finish
  • Welded steel construction
  • Stack the cabinets up to five high
  • Hinged paper weights to keep papers from curling and damage
  • Label holders on drawers

Flat File Drawer Cabinets Design and Planning Services

Planning the perfect storage equipment for your large documents, maps, negatives, historical artwork, and plan drawings is an important part of what we do. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 and one of our museum storage specialists will help you design the right cabinets for your storage area.

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