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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Fire station storage solutions better prepare firefighters for an emergency

fire station storage solutions 1Firefighters depend on life-saving equipment to help them act swiftly in an emergency. Because they must take immediate action when a call for help is transmitted through dispatch, there isn't always time to stop and make sure the equipment is in sound working order. However, with the help of a wide range of fire station storage solutions, firemen can be better prepared when called to rescue people in distress. 

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Fire hose rack system makes job easier for firemen

How well rescue equipment such as hazmat suits, respiratory protection gear and fire hoses function determines how efficiently firefighters can assess and treat victims in a situation, especially when out in the field. Fire station storage solutions such as a fire hose rack system are specifically designed make their job easier. It neatly stores twice as many hoses in less floor space without causing them to lose shape and makes rotating inventory simple. Click here to learn more about the benefits of using a fire hose rack system.

Fire station storage solutions effectively maintain fire house equipment

fire hose rack systemThis fire hose rack system is developed, tested and used by firefighters. It is equipped with a canopy top for additional, easily accessible storage space to keep items such as hard suction sections and hi-rise packs out of the way and off the floor. These fire station storage solutions are also a cost effective way to maintain fire house equipment. It keeps hoses organized, high and dry and ready for use in a hurry, reducing the need for replacement equipment. Damage due to moisture, rodents and crushing is also eliminated.

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