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Last updated: September 10, 2020

Fire Station Furniture for Personal Storage

fire station bed 3 drawers lockers wood furniture Because fire stations typically have three shifts, it means a different person is using the same fire station furniture throughout the day. To ensure each firefighter gets their own personal storage, we offer two different types of lockers. The first is a unique wood bed locker with three drawers for under the mattress. The second is a traditional locker with three separate vertical compartments.  

Wood Bed Lockers with 3 Drawers Under the Mattress

The wood bed lockers are placed under the mattress and have three drawers – one for each firefighter. This option gives them their own storage space while they work their shift, giving them a sense of privacy. And because the lockers are made out of wood, they are durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

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Fire Station Lockers with Three Vertical Compartments

fire house station living quarters bed lockerThe fire station lockers with three vertical compartments offer even greater personal storage. Accessories for hanging clothes, hooks, and drawers help to personalize the lockers. And because the lockers extend vertically, they maximize space. We also offer keyless mechanical and keypad locking mechanisms that allow the firefighters in each shift to set their own security code.

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