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Last updated: September 04, 2020

Efficient Fire Station Storage with Cabinets, Racks and Lockers


Firefighters enter into some of the most dangerous situations and places, and the last thing you want is for your fire station to become one of those hazardous areas. As a firefighter, you need to be ready to go as soon as the alarm sounds because people are counting on you to protect them. The best way to guarantee an immediate response is to have your fire station designed with highly efficient and highly secure storage solutions like our Fire Station Casework Cabinets, Firehose Racks, and Gear Lockers.

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Smart Storage Solutions for Your Fire Station

Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in innovative storage products that are designed to organize and optimize your fire station storage areas by maximizing floor space and improving productivity for operational efficiency. 

  • Wall Mount Gear Racks - configured to meet your design and constructed from heavy-duty wire to allow air to circulate so gear dries faster. 
  • Stainless Steel Evidence Casework – protect evidence from contamination with stainless steel work surfaces and cabinets.
  • Modular Casework - sustainable and flexible for multi-use storage for mail sorting, rolled plan drawings, office supplies, file drawers, and a nice counter work area.
  • Evidence Storage Lockers - designed to provide secure protection of fire scene evidence until removed by authorized personnel.
  • Personal Lockers - the industry’s toughest and most adaptable personal lockers made for firefighters and are configured to meet your needs.
  • Food Pantry Shelving - lockable storage cabinets with sliding shelves that maximize storage all your food and personal items.
  • High Density Shelving - reduces your storage area by half and is ideal for firefighter equipment, records storage boxes, training materials storage, and virtually any other materials that are taking up space in your fire station.

Firehose Racks Developed and Tested by Firefighters

Simplicity in design makes our Firehose Racks a cost-effective solution that organizes fire hoses to save space while providing easy access. The racks are developed and tested by firefighters, which means you are getting a quality storage product designed by a trusted source. In addition, our Firehose Racks are made of solid steel with easily adjustable shelves that are built to last.

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Benefits of Firehose Racks

There are many benefits to using Firehose Racks including:

  • Organization- Fire hoses are organized on cradled shelves, kept high and dry, and are ready for quick and easy access.
  • Accessibility- Canopy top shelf provides additional, out of the way, but easily accessible storage for hard suction sections, hi-rise packs, and more while acting as a dust shield to keep hoses clean.
  • Protection- Fire hoses are stored upright and wound on a cradled shelf assemblies and off the floor. No sharp edges to touch and damage the fire hoses. The Firehose Racks are designed to increase air circulation and ensure a longer hose life for your firefighting equipment.

Fire Station Storage Design and Installation Services

We specialize in planning and designing storage areas for fire departments. For more information about our Fire Station Casework Cabinets, Firehose Racks, and Gear Lockers, please send us a message or call us at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with your local representative.


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