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Fire-safe filing cabinets safeguard case files

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Safeguard yourself, your client, and their future by storing files pertinent to the case in fire-safe filing cabinets. Having the foresight to plan for potential subversion from the opposition will help lawyers secure and protect client assets in court. In addition, because these cabinets are designed to work when caught on fire or water soaked, they provide some peace of mind to a firm when it comes to protecting a case from being compromised. Fire-safe filing cabinets and safes to help lawyers secure and protect client assets in court.

Indestructible fire-safe filing cabinets

fire safe filing cabinetsDesigned for keeping things of value safe, fire-safe filing cabinets are built to be indestructible and protect against fire, theft, and water damage from fire extinguishers and hoses. This is because they are thoroughly tested against temperatures ranging from 1700 to 1859-degrees Fahrenheit. The versatility of the cabinets makes them easily adaptable to accommodate computer media with MTC Grade B Rating and data protection, too. And, when it comes to the safekeeping of case-sensitive files or documents relevant to a legal dispute, fire-safe fling cabinets have you covered. This is because they are equipped with a variety of safety mechanisms that work to keep information from being stolen or destroyed by fire or water. This includes a labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets. In addition, these fire-safe cabinets can also be fitted with locking devices such as a dial-combination, electronic, key-operated plunger lock or lock-bypass mechanism for optimal access, security, and privacy. Each is uniquely designed to keep information stored there from being tampered with. And, this in turn, helps lawyers secure and protect client assets in court.

Fire-safe filing cabinets increase productivity & efficiency

help lawyers secure and protect client assets in courtAvailable in a range of styles and colors, these fire-safe filing cabinets and safes add polish to the look of any law firm. In addition, cabinets can be made to feature drawers between two and four levels high, which works to save space for other purposes. And, because of the way fire-safe filing cabinets are made to function, access to important court-case documents and materials is more centrally located for increased productivity and efficiency when representing a client in court. Read about our modular fireproof vault rooms.

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