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Last updated: September 10, 2018

911 call center rotary cabinets

Solving the Case of Storing Warrant Files with Rotary Cabinets

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An Arkansas police department recently were looking for some help storing active warrants in their 911 call center. They needed more storage capacity for warrant files, but only had a very small space in work with. Storage specialist Justin Story was on the case quickly and set up the police department with Rotary Cabinets. The Rotary Cabinets fit perfectly in the space, adding 4 times the storage capacity, and quicker access to documents for the 911 operators.

Problems the 911 Call Center Faced Storing Warrant Files

Previously, the call center was using government surplus four drawer vertical file cabinets to store active warrant records. When an officer stops someone and calls in their driver’s license number if there is an active warrant out, the operator will have to physically pull the warrant to give the officer detailed information. Speed is of the essence here because the faster the operator can pull the record, the faster they can relay the information to the officer waiting in the field.

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Rotary Cabinets Increase Storage Capacity and Productivity

The 911 call center wanted a storage system that would both increase their warrant files storage capacity and enable them to access records faster. The Rotary Cabinets are double deep cabinets that spin to maximize storage, which significantly increased the filing capacity. In fact, they can store over 400% more warrant files in the same space as the vertical file cabinets. They also switched from a top tab file labeling system to an end tab labeling system using color-coded files for quicker retrieval of files. Overall with the new Rotary Cabinet and filing system, they have instant visibility to 50% of their records, allowing employees to pull records faster than ever. In addition, the rotary cabinets lock when not in use.

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