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Last updated: April 12, 2016

Digitizing paperwork saves storage space & improves record efficiency for police

digitizing paperwork saves storage spaceDigitizing paperwork saves storage space and improves record efficiency for police looking to establish better information management procedures throughout their department. But between handling stacks of cold cases, gathering information to investigate new crimes and tracking down leads, the task of reviewing, sorting and organizing paper documents for the purpose of electronic conversion appears to be low on the list of priorities. Just last year, in fact, one police department found themselves at a loss for how to explain why their record-keeping was not up to par for auditors. It lead to inconsistencies when it came to accounting for inventory. The range of accessibility personnel had to case-sensitive information was called into question, as well. Such discrepancies could lead to the misplacement or improper possession of information or evidence, causing a loss in productivity, as well as a delay in justice and cause impending investigations to be compromised. Avoid making similar mistakes by going paperless. All the data is computerized, adding efficiency when searching for and reviewing details. Accessing confidential information is more secure and controlled, meaning data is protected and less likely to fall into the wrong hands. An increased amount of space is also available for more productive uses. Watch a video outlining the conversion process

Digitizing paperwork saves storage space increasing capacity

Although digitizing paperwork saves storage space and improves record efficiency for police, the process of transitioning from paper documents to a virtual database does involve a level of commitment. The change over is smooth and well-worth it in the end, however. The fact that it effectively creates space for increased storage capacity should be reason enough for departments to want to make the switch, especially since space for storage is at a premium. There are a few additional benefits worth mentioning, however. They include the fact that the entire process can be seen to without causing disruptions to the precinct, unit or task force working to fight crime. This is because the conversion is handled discreetly at an off-site location. The job can also be done at an affordable price and on-site for added convenience when dealing with confidential documents. The fear of delaying justice due to lost or damaged paperwork is eliminated because data is backed up. Accessibility to information is also much improved for swifter retrieval when needed.

Digitizing paperwork is cost effective for police

and improves record efficiency for policeDigitizing paperwork saves storage space and improves record efficiency for police who have received flack for their improper handling of data as well as property and evidence logged in as inventory.. It is a cost-effective solution for law enforcement agencies looking to make improvements in these areas. With the new system in place, the margin for error will be replaced by increased proficiency. And, because the approach taken when investigating unlawful behavior will be handled more efficiently, a higher rate of accuracy will be achieved when it comes solving crimes. Digitizing paperwork saves storage space and improves record efficiency for police, but there are many questions to be asked and answered prior to the start of the conversion. See frequently asked questions about our scanning services.

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