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Creating safe working environments for employees

commercial wind-driven exhaust fans create a cleaner working environmentAccording to WHO, indoor air pollution causes even more premature deaths than outdoor air pollution every year. Creating a clean working environment by reducing indoor air pollution not only makes work safer for employees, it also improves energy efficiency and can save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs. Commercial wind-driven exhaust fans can help reduce energy and remove indoor air pollutants, including carbon monoxide, mold, and dust from your facility's working environment, making a cleaner and safer space for employees and customers and protecting you from costly worker compensation claims.

How wind-driven exhaust fans create cleaner work environments

wind-driven exhaust fans create a clean working environment for commercial facilities

Wind-driven exhaust fans do more than extract fumes, pollutants, and odors. Along with improving air quality, they also reduce excessive heat, moisture levels, and humidity in commercial facilities to create a more comfortable environment. To do this, the turbines exhaust the hot air generated during the day and replace it with cool air overnight. This lowers temperatures in summer by removing hot air trapped in the ceiling and removing air impurities. The commercial wind-driven exhaust fans are also a step above traditional exhaust fans that consume energy and perform poorly because they require no energy and no wiring, so they won't drive up your utility bill. They have also been tested in continuous wind speeds up to 149 mph without being damaged and are designed to withstand adverse weather.

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For the most optimal ventilation to extract fumes and impurities in the air, there must be positive air pressure in your facility in order for the air to be exhausted since air always travels from high to low pressure zones. Air intake can come from open bay doors, floor level vents, or any other means. The number of air exchanges required is determined by the commercial facility type.

Additional Benefits Of commercial wind-driven exhaust fans

In addition to extracting air pollutants and creating a clean working environment, other benefits of the wind-driven exhaust fans include:

commercial wind-driven exhaust fans for creating a clean working environment

  • Natural operation: no electrical operating costs or wiring costs
  • Very low maintenance
  • Minimal structural impact
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Includes manufacturer's 15 year warranty
  • Fire-rated and meets requirements of Low Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration Test
  • Manufactured from 5005 grade aluminum specifically designed to stand up to adverse weather
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 24" to 36" in diameter

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