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Last updated: April 24, 2015

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IT equipment & data storage array wheel transport systemInformation Technology (IT) has become an increasingly vital function of any organization or business. With the increasing number of roles and duties of a company's IT department comes an increase of items that need proper storage. A budding company that produces hardware and software products for data storage found itself needing carts to store and mobilize various types of IT equipment. The company integrated a wheel transport system with carts that store and transport data storage arrays and IT equipment.

mobile carts improve IT equipment accessibility

This IT department needed a mobile cart that was sturdy enough to support their data storage arrays that weighed up to 100lbs. The heavy data storage arrays and other equipment needed to be easily transportable and stored at a raised height for convenient lifting. Adjustability was another important factor, since the data storage arrays were all in various different sizes. The IT department also needed a place to store their cables, cords, and other various IT equipment.

Although the company was capable of building a cart themselves, they wanted a storage solution engineered to fit their specific needs while still remaining cost equivalent to a cart they could build themselves. The solution was a specially-designed and durable wheel transport system. With vertical handles, corner bumpers, and sturdy wheels, the IT equipment and data storage arrays stored on the cart could be easily, safely, and quickly maneuvered to their point of array wheel transport storage system carts

Also utilized on the wheel transport system were pass-through shelves without flanges, creating a 26" depth open storage area to accommodate data storage arrays of all sizes. The smooth surface of the acrylic shelves allowed the data storage arrays to easily slide on and off. The adjustability of the shelves also allowed the cart to be reconfigured to adapt to the company's future IT equipment storage needs. Bins were also placed on the top and bottom shelves to provide extra storage for cords and cables. The wheel transport system not only provided a space-efficient method for IT equipment, but improved their operations by allowing faster and easier access to their equipment through better storage organization.

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