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Last updated: January 04, 2021

A Flexible, Responsive Office Configuration with Removable Walls

movable-glass-walls-demountable-modular-wall-panelsAs you grow your workforce, build out teams that need meeting space, or shift departments, make sure your office infrastructure can keep up. Instead of investing in expensive remodels that may need to be redone in a year or two, invest in removable walls. Removable wall panels, like frameless glass walls, can save you money and give your growing office the flexibility it needs.  

What Are Removable Walls?

As their name implies, removable walls are wall panels that can easily be installed, uninstalled, and shifted to other areas of your office. Removable wall panels make it easy for you to quickly build offices for your new workers, create more conference rooms, or section off areas of your office to give departments their own space.

Demountable wall systems come in a variety of aesthetic looks. You can choose clear glass walls to keep your office space open and filled with natural light or frosted walls to promote privacy within offices and conference rooms.

Mix and match markerboard walls and other wall surface options to make each space feel personalized and unique. See our demountable wall image gallery to begin imaging what your office could look like.  

What Are the Benefits of Removable Wall Panels?

Removable glass walls provide businesses with a range of valuable benefits:

  • Adapt and change your office layout as you see fit. This is ideal for businesses that are fast-growing or that regularly bring on temporary staff for glass-office-partition-sliding-door-modular-wallsseasonal work.
  • Save serious money. Now you don’t have to bring in general contractors or fight with your landlord each time you want to change your office’s configuration.
  • Utilize your space in a way that fits your company now. Continually adapt to the needs of your workforce and be responsive to your employees.
  • Change your office to fit your work configuration. Do you want to experiment with different departments, office arrangements, or other work layouts? Now you can, with demountable office wall partitions.
  • Reward your employees by giving them their own office space. Now they don’t have to wait for an existing office to open up.
  • Quick installation makes it fast and simple to respond to the changing needs of your office.
  • Enjoy tax depreciation benefits.

What Types of Business Could Use a Demountable Wall Panel System?

Any business that wants the flexibility to quickly and easily adapt their office layout to meet their business's changing needs can benefit from removable walls. This is especially useful for startups and any business that plans on bringing in more workers or needs to change how their employees work together regularly.

Where to Purchase Removable Walls

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy company that offers removable wall panels and other office modular casework? At Southwest Solutions Group®, we’ve been helping businesses optimize their space since 1969. We believe in the power of demountable wall systems to help businesses realign their space to meet their ever-changing needs. Contact us today to place your order. 


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