Automated Industrial Storage Towers Are LEAN Parts & Inventory Management Machines

vetical-lift-automated-parts-storage-moduleAre you managing your inventory and storage area or is it managing you? A well planned parts storage area has a direct and positive effect on your employee’s productivity and your organization’s profitability. Getting your storage area to work for you and generate income is as simple as installing Automated Industrial Storage Towers with inventory management software.

Automated Industrial Storage Towers Store Parts Inventory Vertically to Save Floor Space

Instead of considering building expansions or off-site storage facilities, think about how you can better use the space you already have – like vertical space. The Automated Industrial Storage Towers LEAN tower up to 80′ tall, storing parts vertically instead of horizontally. That means with the Automated Industrial Storage Towers, you can regain up to 80% of your floor space in comparison to traditional storage shelving. Many clients have extended these machines through building floors to serve as not only parts storage machines, but as parts elevators as well.

Increasing Productivity and Worker Morale with Automated Industrial Storage Towers

Automated Industrial Storage Towers are flexible enough to store large and small parts in the same machine. Say goodbye to wandering around the maze of shelving units looking for inventoried items because the Automated Industrial Storage Towers bring parts to the operator. Just input the part number for the item you need in the computer, and the parts storage tray (shelf) is delivered directly to you for easy picking. No more climbing, stooping, or bending to retrieve inventoried parts because parts are brought to an ergonomic waist high counter for picking. Since workers can find what they need quickly and efficiently, they will be more productive and have better attitude towards their work environment.

Secure Parts with Inventory Management Software

vertical-lift-shuttle-kardex-remstar-asrs-vlmThe towers are fully enclosed units with waist high locking doors to secure parts from unauthorized access. The totally enclosed unit not only secures your parts inventory, but also protects your inventory from dust. The inventory management software will automate picking of sub-assemblies, maintain reorder levels, and track multiple inventory locations to enhance productivity and better manage inventory stock levels and reorder points.

Other Types of LEAN Parts Storage Equipment

Because every storage area has different needs, there are many types of automated towers to choose from. Some of these include:

Choosing the Right Automated Industrial Storage Tower for Your Facility

We have knowledgeable sales engineers to help you evaluate which type of storage equipment is best for your unique needs. Call 1-800-803-1083 today or send us a message to speak with one of our storage specialists.


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