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Last updated: June 21, 2017

Museum entomology full-height double-door cabinet better than "poor man's" storage

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A museum had to store and organize a growing butterfly collection. Budget constraints led the person to ask about "poor man's" storage in an online forum. Responses varied, but none held a candle to the museum entomology full-height double-door cabinet.

museum entomology full height double door cabinet pullout work storage shelves

Units are a bit higher in price than the alternatives, but still very affordable and are built to last. Each has the support of many features. All help to prove itself better than even the most similar of "poor man's" versions.

There are two pullout work storage shelves, providing an extra productive space. There's also the airtight, dustproof protection offered up by its one-of-a-kind cabinet seal that allows the free circulation of air and fumigants. Units are also configured with ease to fit any size entomology collection drawer. Click here to see more about museum entomology cabinet storage

Museum entomology full-height double-door cabinet delivers preservation protection

Collection preservation protection isn't lost on the museum entomology full-height double-door cabinet, as seen by the support offered up by its many features.

Standard features:

  • Units are made of solid, heavy-gauge steel, reinforced welded construction
  • High-quality, non-off-gassing powder-coated finish
  • Closed-cell seal and three-point latching system
  • Convenient lift-off reinforced doors
  • Recessed door handles
  • Watershield cap
  • Bright nickel-plated hardware
  • Two 3" x 5" label holders
  • Two useful pullout work shelves
  • Four configuration styles available as options

Optional features:

  • Locks for standard recessed handle
  • Lever handles with lockCornell style configuration (capacity - 48 drawers)
  • USNM style configuration (capacity - 48 drawers)
  • Smithsonian style configuration (capacity - 56 drawers)
  • California Academy style configuration (capacity - 56 drawers)
  • Magnetic fumigant pocket

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