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Compact drawer cabinets & shelving save space

compact drawer cabinets and shelvingCompact drawer cabinets and shelving designed for storing entomology museum collections are perfect for institutions dedicated to furthering the exploration and study of insects. The drawers and shelves of these systems are stacked one of top of each other, leaving a slight gap in between each level to ensure the integrity of the collection is well preserved. In addition, these compact drawer cabinets and shelving function using space from a vertical position and require limited floor space in order to work. Because they use space from overhead, valuable floor space is made available for more productive uses. These systems are also a great alternative for museums seeking a cost-effective way to increase their storage capacity. This is because vertical space isn't as commonly used for storage. For this reason, it is more readily available when an increase in storage capacity is needed. Learning more about the things that affect collection storage area design will help you decide if compact drawer cabinets and shelving for storing entomology museum collections is right for you. Click here for more information.

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Compact drawer cabinets & shelving add efficiency

Museums tasked with storing entomology museum collections are faced with quite a challenge when it comes to finding adequate storage for specimens charged to their care. This is because the space available for storage is far less than the number of insects and bugs on hand. In fact, one collection at a natural history museum featured over 5.8 million specimens. In this case, however, these compact drawer cabinets and shelving, with visible heights measuring between eight and 20-stories high, were used to organize and store butterflies more efficiently. The drawers and shelving slide back and forth in a one smooth fluid motion. This allows for improved access when inventory needs to be accounted for. And, since each level functions individually, they can be accessed separately without disturbing the rest of the collection. This means the integrity of the specimens remain protected and a longer shelf life is allowed.

Compact drawer cabinets & shelving for preservation

for storing entomology museum collectionsThe space that divides each level of drawers and shelving allows for additional steps to be taken with respect to the issue of preservation. The dead air space between these compact drawer cabinets and shelving is wide enough to allow for a protective layer of material to be fitted to the storage drawers and cases housing the butterflies. It prevents the specimens from deteriorating, as well as safeguards against dust, mold, mildew and moisture. Doors can also be added for extra security.

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