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Last updated: September 29, 2017

Custom storage allows agricultural dealership to use space better

engine service parts counter drawers shelvesA tailor-made stainless steel top engine service parts counter with integrated drawers and shelves that offer full adjustability to create customized storage and pegboard end panels that accommodate bulky storage items are among several industrial solutions used to help an agricultural and construction equipment dealership maximize available space. Featured within the dealership's newest building, the units' installation made quite an impression on a branch manager who stated that its manufacturer designs quality storage that stands up to the busy location. Those same storage experts, with help from industry colleagues, have provided parts and service department systems to all five dealership locations. Read on to learn more about the systems' design and installation.

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Storage industry colleagues collaborated with the dealership on the design stage of the building, providing suggestions and layout designs before construction got underway. Among the recommendations made was a system that uses drawers in shelving which occupies the main floor, along with the engine service parts counter with a custom design that allows integrating drawers and shelves which adjust to provide storage flexibility that promotes better space use while featuring a stainless steel top that offers easy cleaning. Designed with a large counter space that spans more than 30 feet, the unit offers users ample room to greet and serve customers in a more efficient capacity. The parts manager also enjoys how the easy-to-clean stainless steel tops allow users to maintain a tidy workspace.

He also expressed great appreciation towards the storage industry colleagues who provided design expertise within the parts department, ensuring that details such as aisle spacing matched building codes. When highlighting the efficient use of space and high-density storage that the drawers in shelving create, he stated it frees up space and quickens inventory. Adding pegboard end panels and well-designed spaces for bulky storage overhead and underneath allows the parts department to utilize space better while creating a natural workflow.

Durable industrial storage impresses agricultural dealership

pegboard end panels bulky storageWith the dealership requiring long-span storage on the mezzanine floor of the parts department, storage industry colleagues used mini-racking to design a second-floor layout that would meet varied needs. The parts manager appreciates the varied storage options that the shelving offers, as well as the easy adjustability of the shelf levels. The experience would leave him feeling pleased with the investment that the dealership made in the industrial storage manufacturer who, according to the parts manager, ensures users get what they pay for while providing good quality solutions that last.

Included within the service department are mobile workbenches made from durable steel. Each feature stainless steel tops that provide a clean look and heavy-duty casters that make moving large equipment around easier on technicians while ensuring safe transportability. Their rugged design evoked pure happiness from the service manager who likes how well they've held up and continue to work, even after five years in service.

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