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Last updated: November 20, 2020

Fast and Cost-effective transition to EMR System

migrating to an electronic medical records EMR systemA nationally recognized medical center launched a major expansion project that would help the center meet the healthcare needs of the ever-growing community. One of the challenges of migrating to an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system was the sizeable backlog of existing medical records that still needed to be digitized. The medical center outsourced HIPAA compliant scanning services for digitizing their medical records in a cost-effective and fast solution. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

Strategy for the HIPAA compliant scanning process

The medical center wanted to avoid the hassles and costs of relocating their physical medical records, so they decided to digitize them in addition to the day-forward scanning schedule that was already in place. A hybrid solution for migrating to an EMR system was quickly identified for them that would allow them to continue hospital procedures as normal and allow access to files while they were being digitized.

HIPAA compliant scanning services for digitizing medical records in healthcare facilities

In the first phase of the scanning process, the medical center’s newest records were identified using barcode technology and were manifested equally throughout the system. When the records had been identified, they were inventoried and prepared for scanning.  The digitizing process even included films and other unique documents. Records were scanned offsite at a secure scanning facility that complied to the most rigorous quality control procedures through the entire digitizing process.

After scanning, the newly digitized medical records were sent to the medical center’s server in encrypted secure file transfers so the hospital staff could gain quick access using their own EMR system. Lastly, the documents were stored during a quality control time period prior to shredding so the medical center could conduct their own quality control validation.

Hospital staff had full access to the almost seven million pages of records that were scanned throughout the digitizing process. The entire project was completed within two weeks without going over budget, and did not disrupt the hospital’s daily workflow. 

migrating to EMR system with HIPAA compliant scanning services for digitizing medical records

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