Intelligent college ID lockers for added convenience

intelligent college id lockersIn order to perform at their very best, college students need to stay organized. Intelligent college ID lockers help them keep their rather hectic lifestyles in check by providing convenience when it comes to taking care of errands. These include sending and receiving mail, grocery shopping, dry cleaning and flower delivery. This high-end automated university smart storage alternatively take the place of standard delivery operations by allowing students to access stored items at anytime, day or night. This gives them the freedom to pickup goods when it is best suited to their schedule, rather than only during regular business hours. For this reason, students are provided with increased access to the goods they love. Productivity levels of national retailers who offer delivery service are also boosted, as a result. For more about this high-end automated university smart storage, click the link for a list of frequently asked questions

How high-end automated university smart storage works

revit bim modelsThese separately accessible intelligent college ID lockers are electronically controlled by pin code. Delivered items are stored in lockers for safekeeping until they can be retrieved by the student. Once a delivery has been dropped off for collection, students are alerted by electronic notification. Sent in the form of an e-mail or text message, it provides the pick-up code used to retrieve the delivery from the high-end automated university smart storage. When picking up the delivery from its specific holding locker, the student then enters the secure pin onto a built-in touch screen, which regulates access to the bank of lockers for added security. Every transaction is also electronically recorded and trackable to ensure accountability. Click here to learn more about parcel delivery lockers.

Intelligent college ID lockers maximize storage capacity

high end automated university smart storageEven though these intelligent college ID lockers are designed as a bank of lockers, units are available in different size configurations to accommodate space constraints or maximize storage capacity. Choose from four locker sizes, including X-small, small, medium and large. The maximum number of lockers per column vary, depending on size.

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