Combating the Lack of Space in Schools

high density school archive mobile shelvingMany schools are combating a lack of space due to overcrowding and an increasing amount of students. Some schools don’t have enough room for all students during the day, and some are forced to cut back on classes such as physical education because they simply don’t have room for the proper facilities. With constrained budgets, expanding isn’t always an option for schools, either; however, many are trying to use the space they already have more efficiently to save on costs and allow more room without additional construction. Jim Deller at Southwest Solutions Group® helped a school district solve this very issue with high density mobile shelving systems for storing school archive materials, including a variety of sizes of files, boxes, and binders in much less space than regular shelves. Click here to see how high density mobile shelving works, and read on to find out how mobile shelving systems were able to condense their school archive space without expanding any part of their building.

Mobile Shelving Compacts School Archive Storage

As the school was storing a variety of items of various weights and sizes, any storage solution would need to be flexible enough to accommodate all of their materials. The high density mobile shelving was the perfect solution that allowed easy access to files, security, and space savings all in one.  The capacity of each moving shelf is 336 boxes, or approximately the same amount of files as 50 four-drawer cabinets. While a single filing cabinet yields 100 filing inches, the mobile shelving system provides a capacity of 37,800 total lineal filing inches, equal to 2,520 boxes.

mobile shelving systems files boxes binders school archiveThe mobile shelving does this by eliminating aisles in between rows of shelves, which are needed for static storage systems. These rows actually eat up a ton of space and are especially inefficient since not every aisle is being used at all times. If these aisles could be condensed when not in use, then the space usually taken up by rows of shelves can easily be cut in half. This is exactly what high density shelving does: with the turn of an ergonomic handle, users easily condense the aisles that aren’t in use together to save space. To access an aisle, the user simply turns the handle to open it. This keeps just one or two aisles open at once while the rest are compacted together to save space without sacrificing storage capacity. Since some of these documents are confidential and sensitive, the high density system can also be integrated with locks and roll-down doors to ensure only authorized parties have access. An anti-roll mechanism also keeps the aisles locked in position to ensure the safety of users. Click here to see mobile compact shelving at work in another school storage application.

Deller was more than happy to work with the school district to determine their exact needs for their space, design, and budget. To further save on costs, the mobile shelving system was also purchased through an NJPA contract. Freight, delivery and handling services, and installation were also included in the final cost so there were no hidden or surprise fees. The school is happy with their new solution as well as the professionalism of Deller and his team.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

“I am very pleased with the way the crew communicated with me during the whole installation process. They were very professional and friendly during the whole installation and were very flexible when I had an issue come up with the student testing schedule in our conference center area and they needed to work around a new schedule. They did a terrific job on the installation of the storage shelves and left the room very clean when they were finished, which is much appreciated,” comments Di Mikesell, executive assistant to the deputy superintendent.

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