A Mobile Shelves on Tracks System Meets Space and Budget Requirements for Storing K-12 School Supplies

Mobile Shelves on Tracks used for library book storage

When construction starts on a new K-12 school building, architects need to look for ways to optimize project funding, while providing ample storage space and maximizing student work areas. Mobile Shelves on Tracks Systems are a great way to meet these requirements for storing K-12 school supplies because it’s easier and much more cost-effective to buy a piece of furniture than it is to justify using conventional static shelving and adding extra square footage onto a building just for storage. This is especially important with K-12 schools, where space is always at a premium and funding is always tight. (view Mobile Shelves on Tracks Systems for school storage pictures)

A Mobile Shelves on Tracks System Works for Both Teachers and Students Storing K-12 School Supplies

In the past a Mobile Shelves on Tracks System was only used in school administrative areas and the library; however, academic departments have the same types of storage needs. You can never build too much storage space for teachers, and a Mobile Shelves on Tracks System can easily meet the unique storage needs of teachers by moving items like text books and classroom materials into centralized areas. Organizing K-12 school supplies outside of the classroom allows easy access to materials for everyone in the department.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

A Mobile Shelves on Tracks System allows departments to store more and, therefore, move more things out of the classroom. This not only removes clutter from the classroom, it also frees up space for more bookshelves, counters and work space, tackboards and storage space for items needed immediately. The Mobile Shelves on Tracks System makes for a less distracting, more comfortable environment that is more conducive to teaching and learning. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Items Different Academic Departments Can Store in a Mobile Shelves on Tracks System

Storing K-12 School Supplies music department sheet music

Here are some examples of what different academic departments throughout the school can store in a Mobile Shelves on Tracks System,

  • Science: laboratory materials, equipment, and textbooks
  • Agriculture: Books, FFA Club supplies, magazines, and newspapers
  • Math: Textbooks, calculators, graphing paper, and rulers
  • School store: Business Club merchandise including school supplies and spirit wear
  • Music: Sheet music in Oblique compartments, LP albums, CDs, audio cassettes, instruments, and videos
  • Library: Books, journals, and periodicals
  • Foreign language: Books, videos, audio tapes, supplies, and teaching aids
  • Art: Art boards, paint, brushes, molds, wood pieces, tools, and metals, books
  • Language arts: Novels and textbooks
  • Social studies: Videos, supplies, and textbooks

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