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With online shopping increasing in popularity over the past decade, that means campus mailrooms are seeing higher levels of mail to students. And it’s understandable why: It’s more convenient for a student’s parents to ship items their children need while on campus, and it’s easier for students to order supplies or other things they need. That doesn’t include the packages coming in for faculty and staff.

A typical college mailroom has a design for accomodating letters and small packages. Now, there’s a growing need to accommodate boxes holding everything from clothing to small furniture pieces for dorm rooms. These space limitations lead to staff and student frustrations. The main reason is that when boxes pile up, disorganization occurs, and mail sorters become overloaded. This disorganization often leads to longer waiting times when students come to pick things up.

Understanding University Mailroom Furniture

University mailroom furniture is more than a wall of “out” boxes with a table in the room’s center. Instead, mailroom furniture provides sorting and storage solutions in a busy college mailroom. No matter the size of the university, it’s beneficial to have a well-organized mailroom. Taking this step helps maximize productivity, and it also ensures that inbound and outbound communications reach the right recipient quickly.

College mailroom furniture helps streamline operations while simultaneously maximizing space. Because this furniture is customizable, that means school mailrooms can easily configure solutions to meet their needs.

University mailroom furniture is designed specifically to:revit bim models

  • Increase efficiency through the implementation of sorters and storage solutions
  • Maximize the mailroom’s space, thus creating an efficient working environment
  • Optimize the health and safety of all workers by incorporating adjustable height workstations
  • Improve the morale of those who are working in the school mailroom by creating durable and hygienic workspaces
  • Extend the university’s image by coordinating the mailroom with their school colors or other office decors

Types of Storage for University Mailrooms

There are many types of mailroom storage, each serving an essential purpose regarding mail organization and distribution. In this section, we’ll go into detail about the top five options that are available.

Bulk Sorting Shelvinguniversity mailroom bulk shelving

It isn’t uncommon for university mailrooms to receive bulk deliveries from post offices and other mail-carrying companies. Because of this influx of mail and packages, staff must use a preliminary sorting process. That’s where bulk sorting shelving comes into play. Not only do bulk sorting bins and shelving help organize what’s coming in, but they also provide an efficient storage system.

Features and benefits:

  • Choose between angled or level bin storage
  • Choose four-tiered storage with a top workspace or as a stand-alone unit
  • One, two, three, and four-tier options available, some with open storage beneath
  • One and two-tier options feature a workspace on top

Universities can opt for various tiered sorting solutions, either with angled or level shelves. Implementing this solution is an effective way to increase space for bulk storage bins. In doing so, it’s possible to easily organize and store mail before it’s time for distribution.

Mailroom Casework

Because a university mailroom often changes in response to faculty, staffing, and student needs, modular casework is an effective solution. Not only are these units flexible, but they also feature the operational efficiency school mailrooms need. One of the most notable benefits of modular casework is its ability to adjust and change to accommodate these mailroom storage sorters

Additional benefits include:

  • The construction features 50% recycled materials
  • These units are easy to relocate
  • Modular casework contributes to LEED Design with GreenGuard certification
  • The high-quality factory construction includes a lifetime warranty

Another option for mailroom storage includes heavy-duty compact pallet racks. These racks are optimal for boxes, packages, and parcels that are ready for pickup.

Mailroom Furniture Kits

An ideal solution for mailroom sorting is implementing mailroom furniture kits. These kits combine a base cabinet with a table-top sorter. These kits are modular and wholly customizable. Each of these kits comes equipped with an aluminum extrusion framework featuring modesty panels on three sides.

Optional add-on features include:

  • Adjustable height legs
  • Dump rims
  • Enclosed consoles with sliding doors
  • Open and easy access storage
  • Shelves
  • Wheels

Each of the sorting modules features adjustable, slide-out shelving that you can customize as your mail sorting needs change. Because there are no sharp edges, users won’t injure their hands while sorting mail mailroom sorter casework

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to read label holders
  • Shelves adjust in one-inch increments.
  • Slide-out shelving for more comfortable access
  • Transparent shelving to increase visibility

Stand-Alone Sorters

Maximize the university mailroom by incorporating stand-alone sorters. These units feature a solid backing and customizable shelving. Examples of customizations could include designs featuring:

  • All slots
  • Bottom storage with or without sliding doors
  • Cabinets with slots for outgoing mail
  • Closed base
  • Roll-down or hinged shutter doors
  • Slide-out reference shelving

Sorter slots are available in many configurations and sizes, including legal-size, letter-size, and oversized. Stand-alone sorters have transparent shelving that can hold up to 35 pounds.

Features and benefits:

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Easy to read label holders
  • No sharp edges to prevent hand injuries
  • Wide variety of depths, heights, and widths

Table-Top Sorters

As a system featuring a design for mounting on top of an existing counter or desk, table-top sorters help school mailrooms organize mail and literature. Because its surface is laminate, these table-top sorters are available in three sizes. Those sizes, which vary regarding columns and heights, include legal, letter, and oversized. It’s possible to elevate how high the sorter is using riser platforms. That way, there’s easier access and additional storage. 

You have two options when choosing table-top sorters:

  • Single entry options
  • Dual entry or pass-through options

The sorter’s laminate finish is resistant to dents, rust, and scratches. You can also increase the space’s efficiency by adjusting the table-top sorter’s slide-out transparent shelving.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double-sided access
  • Durable in-laminate finish
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Multiple open and closed cabinet configurations
  • Wide variety of color options

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Why Universities Need Mailroom Furniture

Universities handle hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of mail. That means it’s critical for mailroom staff to keep these items separate and organized. Otherwise, there’s a risk of things getting lost or stolen. By having a mailroom storage solution in place, universities can optimize their sorting, organizing, and storing processes.mailroom sorter storage university

Because many students live on campus in dormitories, mail centers are in charge of their letters and packages. Larger packages cause space constraints in school mailrooms. With students sending away for everything from mini-refrigerators and microwaves, incorporating heavy-duty mailroom storage solutions is critical. That way, university mailrooms can increase their storage capacity by using efficient shelving and bins.

Technical Specifications and Design

There aren’t one-size-fits-all storage or sorting solutions that are appropriate for all school mailrooms. Instead, universities must look at their space’s size and how much mail is coming into the mailroom. The technical specifications and design aren’t the same for each type of mailroom furniture. Depending on the solutions you need, it’s essential to understand these specs and what systems are best for your space.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Clear plastic label protectors
  • Dent, rust, and scratch-resistant
  • No assembly required
  • No sharp edges
  • Shelves that adjust in one-inch increments
  • Transparent shelving
  • Wide choice of colors and finishes

Storage for University Mailroom Solutions

The way students and faculty use mail put a significant amount of pressure on college mailroom operations. The massive influx of mail and packages often leads to longer waiting times or undelivered mail pieces. These shifts in demand lead mail managers to look at ways to update their current workflows. That includes incorporation solutions like the following examples.

Model: #SMS-29-SSG-MR07-3-L (Modular Mailroom Furniture)

  • Dimensions: 7’0″ Wide x 3’0″ Deep x 7’0″ High
  • Available in three heights and depths and ten widths
  • Table depth: 36.”
  • Table width: 36″ or wider
  • Wheels and casters: 5.”
  • Leg adjustments: 1/2-inch increments
  • Sorter shelf adjustments: 1-inch increments

Model: #SMS-90-L3-18E3 (Legal Size Mail and Literature Sort Module Closed Back)

  • Dimensions: 36-7/16″ Wide x 16-7/8″ Deep x 21″ High
  • Opening: 15 shelves with 3 Column and 18 Adjustable Openings
  • Transparent shelves and supports
  • The sorter is 18″ High, including a 3″ High Riser
  • The Unit’s weight is 90 Lbs.
  • It can support up to 35 lbs.

All sorters have the same features and benefits. For example, because the shelves are transparent, that allows light to pass through and increase visibility. There’s no assembly required, which means they unpack and are ready to use after sliding in shelving. These eco-friendly storage systems feature a solid laminate backing that’s dent, rust, and scratch-resistant.

Architectural and design phases:

Model: SMS-90-Z8-48 (Sorters)

  • Height: 4′-0″
  • Width: 6′-11 1/2″
  • Number of columns: 8
  • Number of openings: 64
  • Riser: None
  • Back type: Closed
  • Elevation 1: 1/2″ = 1″-0″
  • Elevation 2: 1/2″ = 1″-0″
  • Additional options: Backed doors, doors, closed riser, and display board

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