Mobile Shelving System Makes Room for More Than Books

The Baylor law library found themselves needing more office space in their law library area but without any floor space for the office. The director of the law library called on Southwest Solutions Group® (SSG) to see if they could create enough space by condensing their book shelving storage area. SSG’s Brandon Baird worked with the director to design a mobile shelving system that provided the room they needed to create the additional office.

custom designed mobile shelving system with wood laminate end panels

The Mobile Shelving System’s Design Meets Every Need

The books from the law library were relocated to the mobile shelving system. Because this shelving system removes access aisles, the space needed to house the books was cut in half. This created enough space for the office. In addition, the mobile shelving system needed to match the African Cherry Wood that flows throughout the entire library. SSG was able to customize the end panels of the system for them with a matching wood laminate.

baylor law library mobile shelving system designed by brandon bairdPublic access to the system would be unlimited because it was directly across from the main foyer, so the number one concern was safety. Fortunately, there is a system to passively stop hand crank mobile shelving systems. A manual safety brake, which spans the length of the aisle at the very bottom of the carriage, prevents carriage movement when someone or something (for example, a book) in the aisle. The manual safety brake, also called a safety sweep, is a formed metal flange that someone in the aisle can easily slide their foot against to automatically stop the carriage from moving.

Also, because of its unlimited access, ladies wearing high heels were a concern with the track in the floor. To solve the problem, the system was designed with no gap rail to ensure their safety.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

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