Musical instrument cabinets and concert band folio shelves

Does the space you use to store musical instruments and concert band folios look more disorganized than usual? If so and you work in a school or retail store that sells music equipment, then it would work to your advantage to read this article. Through proper storage use, it examines nine savvy ways to store musical instruments and concert folios.

What the durable and flexible configurations provide depends on the design that you want. All have efficient capacity to ensure musical equipment and materials have a long lifespan while remaining organized and safe from dust and theft. However, some focus more on addressing security, easy access, and budget-friendliness. A few also have adjustable shelves that you can adapt or remove as needed to ensure you use the full footprint to your advantage. One even permits integration on counters or desks to give you ergonomic access to sheet music and save space.

Grilled door instrument cabinets

violin tuba grill door cabinets

Grilled door instrument cabinets provide an optimal choice if you are most concerned about ensuring brass and woodwind musical equipment remains clean. With air able to circulate throughout, the solutions minimize dust accumulation. Thus, bass drums, saxophones, trumpets, and more avoid being covered in debris while stored and sounding poor when played. Everyone also has better visibility of the content. It means educators can conduct more efficient inventory verification without handling anything. Musical instruments avoid being smudged in the process and needing intensive cleaning before the next use.

The grilled door instrument cabinets also give considerable thought to the safety of musical equipment since they include theft protection padlock hasps. In addition, the interior storage shelves have a thermoplastic design that provides superior impact and wear resistance. Students avoid damaging equipment integrity during handling even if rougher on it when short on time. Facilities, in turn, avoid spending money on repairs or replacements and have efficient instruments to loan out to scholars now and in the future.

If you think investing in the grilled door instrument cabinets would place too much stress on your school budget, consider this:

The cost to replace lost tubas, cellos, and string basses can range from $4,000 to $8000. That’s more than double what most grilled door instrument cabinets cost. Plus, you have design flexibility to create the right-size storage that fits your organization and access needs.

From a retail perspective, prospective buyers can view samples of the music equipment you have to sell. Then, ask a sales associate to retrieve the specific model from secure storage if they wish to take a closer look. With employees facilitating proper handling, consumers avoid damaging displayed merchandise that costs a lot to repair. It allows stores to keep inventory in mint-condition while still providing efficient, personal service to shoppers. Able to help regulate access, the padlock hasps also deter patrons from walking off with stolen goods.

Cubby door instrument cabinets

trombone clarinet cubby door cabinetsIf you are more concerned that students have a secure place to store musical instruments, these cubby door instrument cabinets could provide a better alternative. With padlock hasps to ensure secure use, scholars have more peace of mind about leaving personal playing equipment in storage. Configurations have a compartmentalized design that allows more selective access. It ensures kids have some privacy during use in public spaces.

During use, students can open the cubby door instrument cabinets wide enough to store musical instruments that need organizing. Able to do this, scholars avoid snagging school-owned clarinets, trombones, and more on the door’s or cabinet’s edge. Instead, equipment remains damage-free and safe to use whenever needed. To reduce the physical stress kids put on their body during storage and retrieval, design larger compartments near the bottom. Children avoid needing to lift heavier items overhead and risking injury in the process. It also leaves the smaller compartments above able to accommodate lighter music equipment.

Laminate door instrument cabinets

bass drum laminate door cabinetsFor storage with uniform protection against warping and twisting, plastic laminate door instrument cabinets combine a durable, versatile exterior and a locker liner interior. Resistant to water damage, models have efficient capacity to store musical instruments that facilities must keep safe and organized. Thus, you avoid disposing of equipment ahead of its natural lifespan and leaving valuable guitars and more without a home. Nothing lays out in the open, taking up floor space and remains an easy target for someone to steal, either.

You have the flexibility to specify the laminate door instrument cabinets’ storage compartment size during design. Creating larger compartments would give you the capacity to “double-up” or store more musical instruments in the same space. It ensures organized and more efficient consolidation while allowing you to use the full storage footprint. The same space-optimizing principle can apply if needing narrower compartments to accommodate slimmer items. In either case, you avoid placing different-sized equipment in the same compartment and causing damage.

Open instrument storage shelves

trumpet cornet storage shelvesSimplify students’ access to stored musical instruments and keep classroom traffic flowing with affordable open instrument storage shelves. With a doorless design, the solution provides a more budget-friendly and easy-to-use alternative to selections that have doors. Scholars and retail customers, alike, have more convenient access due to the wide-open front. Patrons can browse through instruments on display and test out the sound without tracking down an employee to help. Students also have the clearance to handle instrument storage and retrieval without creating congestion. The process flows more efficiently, leaving more time to practice hitting the right notes.

Since the open instrument storage shelves exclude doors, they provide a more cost-effective option to use in schools with budget constraints to consider. Have experts install them in classrooms that you can lock when the day ends to reduce theft potential. If you want to even out access, ensure configurations have large and small storage compartments when planning the design.

Concert band folio base storage cabinets

folio cubby storage cabinetsHow many times have you found sheet music folded or rolled up inside students’ instrument cases? Often enough, right? Why not use these concert band folio base storage cabinets, instead? The flexible solutions have generous, customizable shelf space that you can use to store and organize band concert folios. It promotes better material consolidation while allowing everything to remain in a central location.

The design versatility you have extends further than being able to create optimal storage conditions with a simple shelf modification. You can also specify if you want configurations to remain open or have doors. Excluding doors from the design would reduce costs and allow students to have full visibility and access to sheet music. Air could circulate throughout, too, helping ensure materials remain dust-free and safe to use. Including doors would regulate access to prevent theft while keeping dust out, leaving organized folio folders clean and undamaged.

Hutch folio storage cabinets

band concert folio storage hutchesAlternative hutch folio storage cabinets allow integration to counters and desks you have on hand to save floor space. It promotes better ergonomics while providing everyone with easier access to sheet music. No one risks personal injury during the storage and retrieval processes, either. Schools get more efficient use from existing equipment with the longevity to last as well, helping lower waste costs. Smaller-budget facilities can maintain good financial health while still giving students a top-notch music education. 

 Like the folio base cabinets, these have shelves that you can add, adapt, and remove to customize space according to your needs. Through shelving integration, modification, or removal, teachers can create optimal space and consolidate everything in one place without causing damage. Materials remain organized while stacked to maximum capacity, ensuring full footprint use. The floor remains free throughout, allowing you to put it to more productive use. 

Mobile folio storage cabinets

mobile folio folder cabinetsConcert band mobile folio cabinets allow simple relocation to save you floor space and ensure safer sheet music handling. With casters to facilitate efficient transport, students can bring the storage and organized contents to wherever needed. It minimizes manual handling while giving everyone more convenient access to the music folders. Schools also get more cost-effective and efficient use from the existing footprint without building on to it.

Unlike static alternatives, these mobile band folio cabinets have swivel polyurethane non-marketing wheels built into the design. With a lower roll resistance than rubber, these style casters make moving the storage easier. Operators feel less fatigued as a result and can remain focused on hitting the high notes. The interior shelves provide durable, water-resistant protection to keep sheet music safe from moisture damage. Flexible in design, you can also add, adapt, and remove the shelving as needed to ensure efficient space use and improved organization.

Tall folio storage cabinets

 tall folio storage cabinetsTall folio storage cabinets have ample slots that you can adapt to create openings large enough to keep music folders organized. Unlike other selections with a similar design, these span from floor to ceiling to maximize hard-to-reach vertical space. You can choose to leave configurations open to ensure students have more ergonomic access to sheet music. Adding hinged doors would help regulate access and prevent theft while keeping dust out. It allows organized content to remain safe and clean, helping increase the lifespan.

Configurations’ interior shelves are easy to integrate, adjust, and remove if you need more or less space to keep sheet music organized. So, you can create the most efficient space to consolidate music folios into one place with a simple shelf rearrangement. Made from the same durable, water-resistant hardboard, they can protect contents from moisture damage.

Pull-out concert band folio shelves

pull out concert band folio shelvesPull-out concert band folio shelves slide away from and back towards the wall to save space and give you quick access to music sheets. It’s easy to do since the shelving features roll-out retractable bases that extend 100%. During use, grab hold of the handle to move the slim and compact storage in and out into the aisle. Once you have the sheet music in hand, slide the open rows back until closed and stacked in a smaller footprint. Without aisles to take up floor space, you can store more in less space or double your storage capacity in no time. It’s more economical than spending money to expand the area and allows you full footprint use. 

The pull-out concert band folio shelves have handles that allow vertical or horizontal installation to ensure ergonomic, safe use. You can also adjust most shelves to create optimal storage conditions that would enable concert band folio folders to remain organized and accessible. Schools can even add extra modules in the future to create expanded storage with efficient space to accommodate music collection growth. Watch this video to learn how pull-out concert band folio shelves give you quick access to music folders and save space. 

Useful instrument cabinets and folio shelving tips

Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when planning to integrate your music storage space with instrument cabinets and folio shelves:

  • If you are storing instruments in cabinets and have outgrown the space, experts recommend “doubling up” extra equipment in the same compartment to maximize capacity usage.
  • Keep the air temperature in instrument storage areas between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 35% and 50% to prevent ruining equipment. Extreme changes to the environment can cause damage to the instruments, including corrosion, cracking, and loosening of glue joints.
  • Storing musical instruments in individual, lockable cabinets can prevent theft and vandalism problems.
  • Integrate large and small instrument storage compartments into configurations to even out access.
  • Discard or give older music folios to lower grades to ensure you have the space to accommodate newer, more contemporary titles.

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