Avoid having to cut school programming by using double-depth multimedia storage cabinets

double-depth multimedia storage cabinetsWhen it is necessary for school districts to cut their curriculum or scale back on educational programming due to a lack of funding available in the budget, classes that self-motivate, develop personal confidence and expand horizons – art, foreign language, music, and theater are usually the first to go. Where exactly do all the valuable supplies such as sheet music which, is used to educate future leaders about song, go in that case? Don’t waste valuable time finding out. Instead, learn how the adoption of double-depth multimedia storage cabinets will improve how performance arts programs are taught in the classroom. Click here to find out why double-depth multimedia storage cabinets are an efficient way to hold sheet music in the classroom.

Unique design helps rotating shelving for sheet music function at double capacity

Thanks to its modular design, this rotating shelving for sheet music can be placed via next-to wall or panel or back-to-back. It can also serve as a room divider or be designed through-the-wall or panel. These double-depth multimedia storage cabinets can be built into an alcove or constructed as a work top unit, closed-back units and feature astragals (locking post) for additional security. This type of rotating shelving for sheet music can be strategically positioned to fit anywhere and is designed to function at twice the capacity, while taking up the same amount of floor space as traditional lateral files. A state-of-the-art data-capture lock called a Cyberlock makes the tracking and recording of system access a breeze. Since system access can be monitored 24/7, installing this innovative security feature will help to prevent resource materials from being removed from the classroom by unauthorized individuals. Rotating shelving for sheet music is just one of the many storage options we offer to help you preserve the condition of resource materials in the classroom. Click here to learn what other type of music sheet storage solutions we offer

Dual-sided feature provides convenient access to stored sheet music

rotating shelving for sheet musicIn addition, because of its unique design, the through-the-wall or panel model can provide the operator of these double-depth multimedia storage cabinets convenient access to materials stored without having to leave the room to retrieve them. This is made possible by gently pushing a pedal which tells the rotating interior to turn and deliver the sheet music from the other side. Having this option available while school is in session will benefit both facility and students, as it will provide instructors with faster access to the valuable resources they have come to rely on to educate children, leading to a reduction in time spent idling and an increase in productivity. This, combined with improved test scores, will help to keep the performance arts alive in school!

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